MDXSU Elections 2021: The Results

Friday 19-02-2021 - 18:44

MDXSU Elections 2021: The Results

Your votes have been counted, and we can now announce the results of the MDXSU Elections 2021!

2,469 Middlesex University students voted between Monday 15 and Thursday 18 February, with a total of 10,344 votes being cast across six elections.

These elections included the full-time President and three Vice President roles, as well as two part-time Student Trustee positions. An incredible 55 students nominated themselves for these six roles.

The Student Group elections also took place during this time, with students voting for the next leaders of our Societies, Liberation Groups and Student Media platforms. 144 candidates ran to become a Student Group Leader across 55 groups, and 414 Student Group members voted in this election, casting a total of 2,886 votes.

Thank you to everyone who voted and helped to shape the direction of their Students' Union. Congratulations to this year's candidates for all you have achieved over the past week.

Despite campaigning being limited to online only, you have all worked incredibly hard to reach voters and inspire them with your ideas to improve life at Middlesex for your fellow students. Whether you have been elected or not, you should be immensely proud of your hard work.

Read on for the results!


The below students will commence their roles in July 2021. The President, Vice Presidents and Student Group Leaders have each been elected for a one-year term.

Student Group Leaders

Congratulations to the students who have been elected to their positions. Those who have been unsuccessful should continue being an important and active member of their groups. A by-election will take place later this year for any roles which have not been filled.

Click here to view the results of the Student Group elections. Click here to view the results in accessible plain text. Individual count sheets are available upon request from

Vice President Arts & Creative Industries

4 students put themselves forward for this role representing students within the Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries, and a total of 1,360 votes were cast in this election. The runner-up receiving 333 votes is Kieran Galvin, but the winner with 658 votes is...

Nishtha Relan

Re-elected for a second year in office, Nishtha’s manifesto includes pledges to increase creative study spaces, support international students with fee instalment plans and introduce training on academic misconduct. Click here to read Nishtha’s manifesto in full.

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results

Vice President Professional & Social Sciences*

A total of 1,490 students voted for their next Vice President of Professional & Social Sciences, with 9 candidates standing for the role. The runner-up in this election with 464 votes is Ayop Ballaz, but the winner is...

Abhishek Arora

Click here to read Abhishek’s manifesto, which includes pledges to support Liberation Groups, provide more virtual engagement activities, and support students with finding private accommodation.

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results

*Following the re-shaping of the Faculty of Professional & Social Sciences, from July 2021, this role will be known as Vice President Business & Law, and we will be running a by-election to recruit a Vice President to represent the new Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education. Read on to find out more!

Vice President Science & Technology

A total of 1,421 students voted to decide which of the 12 candidates would become your next Vice President Science & Technology. The candidate receiving the second most votes is Amna Malik with 352 votes, but the winner is...

Anastasia Calin

Anastasia’s manifesto points include increased career support and information, the creation of a used books market, and student-led nutrition and sports sessions. Click here to read Anastasia’s full manifesto.

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results


This year, 18 students put themselves forward to become MDXSU’s next President. 1,793 students voted to decide who would oversee and lead the work of the 2021-22 Student Officer team, with the winning candidate receiving 568 votes. The runner-up in this election is Phoenix Pierce, and the winner is...

Twinkle Gupta

Click here to read Twinkle’s manifesto, which includes pledges to enhance employment skills, promote physical wellbeing, increase placement opportunities for Postgraduate students, and improve accessibility for disabled students.

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results

Congratulations to all our candidates, and to your 2021/22 Student Officer team!

Student Trustees

As a non-profit, charitable organisation, the work of Middlesex Students' Union is overseen by a Trustee Board - MDXSU's highest governing body. Student Trustees sit on the Trustee Board and help to decide the long-term goals of the Union.

Unfortunately, due to an unresolved issue, we will have to delay the announcement of results for the Student Trustee election until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Your next Student Trustees will be announced across our social media and via an update to this article when we are able to release this result.



The Student Trustee election saw two available Student Trustee positions, with 12 students putting themselves forward for the roles with the winning candidates as follows:

Jay Suryavanshi

Meshwa Shah

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results



Interested in joining the team?

Following the restructuring of the Faculty of Professional & Social Sciences into the Faculties of Business & Law and Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education we now have a brand-new Student Officer role. Applications are now open to become MDXSU’s first Vice President Health, Social Care & Education!

Applications are open now. Click here to find out more about the role, or click here to apply now. Applications close on Thursday 11 March at 4pm.

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