MDXSU Elections Results 2020

Friday 20-03-2020 - 13:52


Your votes have been counted, and we can now announce the results of the MDXSU Elections 2020!

1,546 Middlesex University students voted between 13 March and 19 March, with a total of 5,157 votes being cast in five elections. These elections included the full-time President and three Vice Presidents, as well as part-time Student Trustees. The elections saw an incredible 40 students nominating themselves across the 5 different elected positions.


The Student Group elections also took place during this time, where students voted for their next Student Group Leaders, responsible for leading their Society, Liberation Group, or Student Media platform. 238 candidates ran to become a student leader across 64 groups, and 403 student group members voted in this election, with a total of 2,696 votes cast.


Despite the challenges candidates faced with COVID-19, where the voting period saw the closure of physical voting stations and limited services on campus, candidates continued to work incredibly hard to reach voters online and inspire them with their ideas to improve Middlesex University next year. See here how the Coronavirus disrupted MDXSU’s services and the Elections.


Thank you to everyone who voted and helped to shape the future of their Students’ Union and priorities, and congratulations to this year’s candidates for all you have achieved over this past difficult week. Whether you have been elected or not, you should be immensely proud of your hard work and your role in inspiring hundreds of your fellow students with your ideas for the Middlesex community. Read on for the results!



The below students will commence their roles in July 2020. The President and Vice Presidents have each been elected for a one-year term (unless re-elected for a second and final term next year), while Student Trustees are elected for two years and Student Group Leaders are elected for one year.


Student Group Committee Members

Congratulations to the students who have been elected to their positions. The students who were not elected still have the chance to be involved in their society and are encouraged to continue being an important part of their student group. For all roles not filled, we will be holding a by-election later this year.

View the results here. Individual count sheets can be made available upon request at


Student Trustees

As a charitable organisation, Middlesex University Students’ Union has a Trustee Board which scrutinises and approves our strategy and finances. Student Trustees sit on the Trustee Board and are not involved in day to day affairs but take an overview of how the Students’ Union is performing. This election saw two available Student Trustee positions, with 17 students putting themselves forward for the roles.

A total 883 votes were cast in these elections, with the winning candidates as follows:

Patrick Lucas

Aarti Bhandari

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results


Vice President Arts & Creative Industries

And the winner is... Nishtha Relan

4 students put themselves forward for this role representing students within the Arts & Creative Industries faculty, with a total of 1,016 votes being cast. The runner up receiving 213 votes was Moh Fazil, but the winner with 496 votes was Nishtha Relan. 

Click here to view Nishtha Relan's manifesto

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results


Vice President Professional & Social Sciences

And the winner is... Tahmina Choudhery

A total of 1,065 students voted for their next Vice President Professional & Social Sciences, with 7 candidates standing for the role. The winner in this election is Tahmina Choudhery, receiving 363 votes, followed by Loretta Fabiani.

Click here to view Tahmina's manifesto

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results


Vice President Science & Technology

And the winner is... Khalid Abumaye

A total of 991 students voted to decide which of the 8 candidates would become your Vice President Science & Technology next year. The candidate receiving the second most votes was Haniyya Ghani, but the winner with the highest number of votes was Khalid Abumaye.

Click here to view Khalid's manifesto

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results



And the winner is... Gagandeep Kaur

1,200 students voted to decide which of 4 students would become the President of their Students’ Union next year, with the winning candidate receiving 437 votes. The President represents all Middlesex students and acts as the figurehead - overseeing and leading the work of MDXSU. The runner up in this election was Anas Badar El Martili.

Click here to view Gagandeep Kaur manifesto

Click here for a breakdown of the voting results


All students are encouraged to engage in their Students’ Union and feedback on the work of their elected representatives. As part of this, all students are invited to participate in our Union Council. In light of the current circumstances, our third Union Council of the academic year will be taking place online (which will be announced soon). Our current Officers will provide an overview of what they have been up to over the past year, and we will be encouraging you to submit your questions at We will also be developing a platform for our Union Council members to discuss, debate and vote on the policy submissions we have received so far. 


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