MDXSU's Top Halloween Costume Picks!

Wednesday 31-10-2018 - 14:00
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Coming to this year's MDX Halloween Party on Thursday 1st November

We're sure you've got your amazing costume ideas sorted but just in case you haven't got anything to go as yet. We've got some costume ideas for you!

We've also got a prize for best costume on the night so make sure you dress to impress.






1.) The Skeleton

A classic costume of Halloween, you can't go wrong with this one and you'll be sure to turn heads with this one!


2.) Stitches

We'll admit this one is a bit hard but look at the results! Truly a scary outfit, you'll find few who won't be scared by this one.


3.) IT/Pennywise










Just look at how scary he is, the creepy clown is sure to be one of the best costumes to scare your friends this year. For that Pennywise look, however, we'd advise combining this costume with a red balloon.


4.)  The Ghost











Okay, this one may seem like a joke but if it isn't broken, why fix it? This is the ultimate easy costume and people will love the irony of this costume this year.


5.) The Witch/Wizard

Another Halloween classic, this costume is sure to turn heads for how iconic it is, when you think Halloween, you always think Witches & Wizards!


6.) The Zombie

















Another Halloween Classic, a zombie look is eye-catching and truly freaky, any makeup on your face giving this look will be sure to catch the eyes of everyone!


7.) The Nun

This year, The Nun film was a huge hit and scared hundreds of thousands, so why don't you bring that same horror to the House Party and truly shine with this costume!

8.) The Vampire


















Blood around the mouth, fangs for teeth and the lust for blood in your eyes, a vampire costume is surely one of the standouts for any Halloween party and we're sure we'll see loads of you go as this!


The Fine Details

Whether you take inspiration from our top ten or conjure up an idea of your own, make sure you've got your outfit sorted before Thursday!

Thursday's MDXSU's House Party is free with an Annual Events Pass.

Advance tickets are available online now for £4 - limited numbers remaining. £5 tickets will be available on the door.

For more details, Click here!

Click here to buy your ticket online now!



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