Meet your new Student Officers for 2021

Wednesday 21-07-2021 - 10:00

Meet your new Student Officers for 2021/22

Middlesex Students’ Union are proud to announce our new full-time Student Officer team have now commenced their terms as your elected MDXSU leaders. The new team were elected as part of Elections 2021, which saw students decide who should lead Middlesex Students’ Union over the next year.

This year, there are now 5 elected officers, reflecting the new faculty structure at Middlesex University with a Vice President for: Arts & Creative Industries (ACI), Health, Social Care & Education (HSCE), Business & Law (BL), and Science & Technology (ST). These four Vice Presidents are led by our new President - Twinkle.

Twinkle Gupta, MDXSU President

The President is the figurehead of the Students' Union and oversees communications between MDXSU and Middlesex students, and are the first point of contact for campus-wide issues. They also chair the Trustee Board and Student Council.

Nearly 1800 students voted on who would become the next MDXSU President and Twinkle received 568 votes in the final round of voting. You can see Twinkle’s manifesto above, which includes improving employability, increasing the focus on mental and physical health, and building digital feedback mechanisms. 

Nishtha Relan, Vice President Arts & Creative Industries

The Vice President of Arts and Creative Industries represents all students studying art and creative courses at Middlesex and works closely with the Student Voice Leaders for Art, Design, Media and Performing Arts courses.

Nishtha joins us for a second term of office after receiving 658 votes in the MDXSU elections. Nishtha plans to focus on lecture capture availability post pandemic, spreading deadlines out, improving transparency around tuition fees, and more – which you can see in her manifesto priorities above.

Jaudat Alogba, Vice President Health, Social Care & Education

The Vice President of Health, Social Care & Education represents all students within these faculties at Middlesex at Middlesex and works closely with Student Voice Leaders for these courses. This is a newly created role, having been split from Business and Law following the reshaping of the faculty of professional and social sciences.

Jaudat received 463 votes of a total of 582 cast in the by-election caused by the University faculty restructure. Jaudat’s priorities focus on increasing sport and fitness equipment, creating networking events with relevant organisations, and increasing paid work experience that is relevant to career aspirations.

Abhishek Arora, Vice President Business & Law

The Vice President of Business & Law represents all students within these faculties at Middlesex at Middlesex and works closely with Student Voice Leaders for these courses.

Abhishek received 485 votes and joins us as the new Vice President Business and Law. He wants to increase provision for mental health support, get free printing services in University halls, and create more job opportunities and work placements. You can see the rest of his manifesto above.

Anastasia Calin, Vice President Science and Technology

The Vice President of Science and Technology represents all students within these faculties at Middlesex at Middlesex and works closely with Student Voice Leaders for these courses.

After just over 1400 votes were cast, Anastasia received 388 votes and is passionate about creating a used book market, enhancing relationships between different programmes and increasing career support.

After working through a handover period with the 2020/21 Officer team, the new Officer team began work in late June. For the next few weeks, they will be attending conferences, training, and meeting University staff, community partners, NUS and other SU Officers – all to equip them for executing their manifesto priorities this coming year.

Twinkle, Nishtha, Jaudat, Abhishek and Anastasia will spend the year directing the work of MDXSU alongside our Student Council, and will work with the University to deliver on positive change for Middlesex students – improving your experience and making changes you want to see.

A big thank you goes out to last year’s full-time officers who are leaving us; Gagandeep, Tahmina, and Khalid, who have been incredible leaders and representatives of Middlesex Students and MDXSU, and we wish them all the best for the future.


Abhishek Arora, Anastasia Calin, Jaudat Alogba, Nishtha Relan, Twinkle Gupta

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