More Microwaves on Campus

Tuesday 25-09-2018 - 10:15

We're excited to announce that after feeding back the need for more microwaves on campus, the university have set up a new microwave station!


Alongside the two microwaves in the Ritterman building, which were first introduced in 2016, you can now find four new microwaves in CG42 (on the ground floor of the College Building). Following feedback, there are also now specific microwaves for certain dietary requirements, though please note that this is not monitored. You can also access free hot water 24/7 from the Sheppard Library cafe drinks machine.


More broadly, your Vice President Rahma is working with the University to outline what students need from a catering provider, ahead of the current catering contract ending at the end of this academic year.


If you have an idea which would improve your experience at MDX, please submit an idea for change or contact one of your elected representatives. If you're not sure who to speak to, just email




Lucy Holland, MDXSU

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