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Monday 05-02-2018 - 19:01
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From 19 - 25 February 2018 Student Volunteering Week will celebrate the contribution and impact of student volunteers and encourage even more students to get involved.

Acting as a showcase for the diverse range of volunteering opportunities available to students who want to give something back and develop new skills, SVW will see dozens of colleges, universities and students' unions take part.

Read below some of MDX Students incredible volunteering experince - from travelling the world to helping out in the local soup kitchen. 

MDXSU will be hosting a 2 day Student Volunteering Fair. CLICK HERE to find out more. 

Maria Tkacenko Volunteering Experience

"Saying yes to volunteering have taken me to the most surreal places: on top of the mountain in Africa, be part in one of the biggest sporting competition events in the world in Brazil and seeing behind the scene at a popular music festival in the UK.  However, I wouldn’t say that I have found volunteering, but it had rather found me.

On my first year of at MDX, I have joined RAG society, from where I have heard of a fundraising charity project in Tanzania. After weeks of debating on whether it is a good idea to go, I have decided to just ‘try-out’ volunteering for myself. During the trip I have realised that volunteering is an entirely different working experience, yet majority still think of it as an unpaid role. These opportunities are often more focused on public good and social development, that definitely make you feel good about the job you have done.

After this experience I got more and more involved in volunteering, looking for different opportunities that are either connected to my studies, my hobbies or something entirely new. Being a volunteer allowed me to work at diverse projects and attend various events that I would have be able to participate in otherwise or wouldn’t have enough knowledge or experience to get a paid position. With each experience I kept getting a new idea of what I would look for in a job after graduation and it eventually made me completely change my career choice. I truly believe that all of my volunteering experience has shaped me into the person I am now. It has broadened my sense of self-awareness, helped to discover my own capabilities and do valuable job for the community.

I would highly recommend choosing to volunteer at an organisation that you would not have even known about otherwise, doing roles that you haven’t even considered before, since it will help you to see other career paths available and find out what you really value about a job."

- Maria Tkacenko, MDX Student


Amy Satterthwaite Volunteering Experience

"Once a month I volunteer at MDX Home Community Kitchen held at Middlesex University Hendon campus. It is a great way to volunteer alongside my studies as it is only one day a month and is easy to get to. On the day I help with things like setting up the area, serving food and drinks and welcoming people.

Volunteering at the community kitchen makes me feel like I am doing my part for the community and making a positive impact; not just being here to study. It is also a great opportunity to meet more students and make friends with people on different courses.

It is a good chance to work as part of a team and build on essential skills required for many jobs.

It is very rewarding knowing that you are helping members of the local community and also helping yourself by gaining important life skills."

- Amy Satterthwaite, MDX Nursing Student

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