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Thursday 06-04-2017 - 11:00
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Funding has been agreed for a new Middlesex University mobile app for students, launching at the beginning of the next academic year 2017/18.


The first phase of this new University app will support everyday student activities currently available through myUniHub, such as reading your module notes, accessing your timetable, using your library account and utilising your free eTextbooks. Students will also be able to view campus maps and see PC availability.


Middlesex Students' Union has been closely involved in making the case for the app, with your President Simba playing a key role in developing the idea and supporting the funding bid.


MDXSU exists to represent student views on campus and beyond, so we're thrilled that Middlesex University are taking on board student feedback following the idea for an app being discussed by Student Voice Leaders, submitted through our Ideas for Change platform and featuring within Student Officer manifestos.


We are therefore delighted that this app is being launched, enabling students to access core student systems on the go, giving you more choice over when and where you study.


“Middlesex University is dedicated to its partnership with students, providing outstanding support and helping you succeed. After giving us clear feedback that you want to be able to access your key student information whenever and wherever you want, I’m proud to be able to respond to that. I hope the app will enhance your learning experience and help in achieving your potential.”
- Middlesex University Vice-Chancellor, Tim Blackman


As your Students' Union, we will continue to work closely with the university on introducing and developing the new app, both representing your views through your elected Student Officers, and ensuring direct student involvement in this process.


The university will be setting up focus groups and beta testing to ensure student involvement in the ongoing development of the app. If you are interested in supporting the introduction of the new mobile app through these upcoming sessions, please register your interest.


The launch of the Middlesex University app will coincide with two years since our own MDXSU app was launched, featuring event listings, voting on key issues and a direct link to the MDXSU Advice team, plus notifications on key news. Click here to download the MDXSU app for free.


For the full Middlesex University announcement regarding the launch of their new app, please click here.


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