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Tuesday 02-03-2021 - 12:23
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On Friday 26th February 2021, Academic Board (the highest academic decision-making body of the University) conducted an online vote on recommendations put forward in a paper written by your Student Officers about academic support for students at this time. Eight of our recommendations for support were approved and you can see the detail of these explained here. Unfortunately, one of the crucial recommendations – a no detriment policy for final year students - was not passed by the Academic Board who were concerned that adopting this might undermine future employers’ confidence in degrees awarded by Middlesex University. 

MDXSU welcomes the approval of these support measures for students at this crucial time and we believe that it will go some way in supporting students, but it does not go far enough. We have spoken with many of you who have been in contact with us in the lead up to this vote. We have listened to your concerns, stresses, and apprehensions and stand with you. We know that this is not the outcome you were looking for. 

Students have been affected by the numerous lockdowns over the past year. The University have gone some way in providing support in the form of laptops, Wi-Fi dongles, and support. However, they have been unable to control the environments our students have had to work in, the alleviation of their caring responsibilities, working on the frontlines, and the myriad of other challenges that they have been forced to deal with over this prolonged period of time.  

We urge students to share their thoughts on the University’s decision by contacting us with your concerns and need for a no detriment policy by e-mailing studentvoice@mdx.ac.uk


Gagandeep Kaur (MDXSU President) 

Tahmina Choudhery (VP Professional and Social Sciences) 

Khalid Abumaye (VP Science and Technology) 

Nishtha Relan (VP Art and Creative Industries) 


Click here to read the email from the University on the support measures. 


Gagandeep Kaur, Khalid Abumaye, Nishtha Relan, Tahmina Choudhery

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