Our Stance: A 'No Detriment' Policy

Monday 27-04-2020 - 11:48
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We are calling for Middlesex University to introduce a 'No Detriment' Policy. 

Recent events have brought about unprecedented changes for us all and it has been incredible to see just how our students and the wider MDX Community have responded. We have seen our very own healthcare students battling the coronavirus pandemic on the medical frontline and staff and students working hard to produce PPE visors to support the nationwide work of NHS staff. As your Student Officers, our hearts have been warmed by this work and the way in which you have all responded to the major changes that we face.  

Whilst many of the changes to how our students are taught and study have been outside the control of any individual, it is important for us to highlight just how we have continued to represent you. Since the potential effects of the pandemic became clear, we have been representing and bringing your views, concerns and voices to those at the very top of the University. 

Our partnership with the University has already seen the introducing of many positive measures to support your studies, including:  

  • A 14-day extension to your coursework deadlines.  
  • Extenuating circumstances for all students in relation to any assessment taken after the 2 March; reassessment of assignments submitted since 2 March will be uncapped.  
  • Automatic deferral to the next assessment point with no penalty; this means that students do not need to request deferrals as they will be automatically applied following non-submission.  
  • A commitment that the assessment boards will consider your results in the context of the current circumstances and ensure that these extenuating circumstances are taken into account when determining final classifications.  

However, we do not believe this goes far enough. We are calling on the University to introduce a ‘No Detriment’ Policy. 

We have heard from many of you, have seen your petitions and want to ensure the University does everything they can to minimise the impact this pandemic has on your academic results.  

A ‘No Detriment’ policy for us will mean that students will not be penalised for any dip in their academic performance relating to assessments undertake during the Covid-19 mitigation arrangements. It will ensure that students’ final grades cannot fall below a students’ previous average, as long as they achieve a pass, but still be able to rise if their grades are improved as a result of their performance in assessments taken during the disruptions.  

We believe this is only fair and a positive way to ensure that students aren’t unfairly affected by the ongoing demands, stresses and anxiety caused by attempting to work through a pandemic. Our working from home situations aren’t normal, many of us will be attempting to study in conditions we aren’t accustomed to, will have friends and family fighting the virus themselves, or will be trying to look after others. We also have no idea when the situation will improve so deferrals may not work for everyone. No one could have predicted this and it is the Universities duty to support you to achieve your best.  

We are committed to representing students at every level through this crisis. Although the doors to MDX House are closed we are working tirelessly to provide support, information and representation in whatever way we can. If you have an issue you’d like to raise or have feedback about student finance and fees please feel free to get in touch with your elected officers. 


Stay Safe, 

Anas Badar, Lucy Holland, Khalid Abumaye, Tahmina Choudhery 


Khalid Abumaye, Tahmina Choudhery

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