Postgrad BBQ

Friday 14-06-2019 - 13:23

POSTGRADUATE BBQ on the paddock

Written by Middlesex University Student, Sadiya Nazmeen Ali studying BSc Psychology with Criminology, working with OncoNano Research Group.

The Middlesex University Students’ Union Postgraduate Community worked alongside the Research Degrees administration team to successfully organise the first summertime BBQ event hosted specifically for Postgraduate Research students! It was held on a very sunny 1st of May and all research students and supervisors alike were welcome to come along.



Over 60 research students studying in different disciplines attended the event to enjoy some delicious BBQ food and engage with other research students from different disciplines in a very well organised event.


For 3 hours, research students benefitted from being able to share their own experiences of the different struggles, hopes, and ambitions they had during and after their postgraduate studies. This resulted in conversations that enriched students with motivation and boosted their morale and determination towards their studies and goals. The event was a huge success, with great company, delicious food and drink, and to top it off the weather was great too. It was amazing to see many senior staff also attend the event to offer further support to their students and offer some friendly advice to the other researchers too.



A student that attended who is studying in his final year of a Ph.D said “This was one of the best networking events I have attended in the last three years”, he also thinks the Research Office should work more closely with the Students’ Union and OncoNano Team to organise more events such as this one.


The OncoNano Team would like to thank Hannah Keating and Amanda Nunn for all of their hard work in organising this event, this was the first event successfully ran by both the research office and OncoNano and we hope there will be many more to come.

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