POW! Magazine Needs You!

Wednesday 25-02-2015 - 16:40
Pow mag

POW! Media are looking for Middlesex students to contribute to MDXSU’s university based, student magazine.


POW! magazine is an amazing platform to showcase your work, share your views and gain valuable experience. If you want to get wider appreciation for your work, reach out to other students, or are looking to work in journalism or the media post-graduation, this is an unmissable opprtunity.


Wondering what you can contribute? POW! Magazine is a work in progress which YOU can help shape, but to give you an idea, POW! Mag could include:


  • Feature articles - on fashion, beauty, politics, sports, health, science, theatre - whatever you’re interested in!
  • Reviews - film, music, books, food, events, places, show, exhibitions...
  • Your artwork.
  • Your photos.
  • Societies - tell everyone about who you are and what you do!
  • Student events.
  • Street Style pics of MDX fashionistas.
  • News from around campus, locally and even nationally.
  • Sports news.
  • Interviews.
  • Tips and Advice - you could be the official MDX agony aunt/uncle.
  • Tutorials - have a skill or talent you can share it with others?
  • Opportunities - work experience and voluntary


If you'd like more information, have something you'd like to contribute, or you want to get involved but aren't sure how, get in touch! You can contact us via our Facebook page or our Twitter account, or email Tyelle at t.render@mdx.ac.uk.



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