Reasons To Vote In The General Election

Tuesday 26-11-2019 - 12:03

Written by MDX Student & MDXSU Intern Kieran Galvin

The deadline for registering to vote in this year’s General Elections is fast approaching, so here’s a small list of reasons as to why you should register this year courtesy of yours truly, some reasons maybe more important than others but that’s all down to personal opinion, for example: 

#1 – You can get more Instagram followers  

That caught your attention didn’t it? According to the BBC, every year when the General Elections come around the hashtag “#DogsAtPollingStations” begins trending and everybody starts posting photos of dogs outside of polling stations across the nation. So if you want a chance to get some more followers, register to vote by November 26th and get yourself down to your local polling station on December 12th with your furry friend and snap a photo of them looking all cute.  


#2 – Every Single Vote Counts! 

Among the many reasons people don’t register to vote is the misconception that your one vote won’t make a huge difference among the millions of other people that vote, but the truth is your one vote can be the difference between a specific party winning or losing in the general election. Just think of how many more votes will take place if everybody with this same misconception decided to vote too! Remember the biggest portion of people during the election are those who don’t vote, let’s change that! 


#3 – Young People’s Votes Matter!  

Voter turnout is a big factor that politicians take into consideration when making key policy decisions. Meaning if a specific demographic is higher than others, for example Young People, then politicians may be more likely to make policies that benefit that specific demographic so they can retain and gain new supporters in future elections. 


#4 – Lunch time chit chat  

Whether we like it or not, politics has become a hot topic of conversation at the moment, and the only things I knew about Boris Johnson were he has a terrible haircut, and one time he rugby tackled a boy half his size on BBC News, so I’ve decided to change that and register to vote, this has given me the incentive to become more educated about the General Election and the political parties involved, so no longer am I the baked potato in the corner when people start talking politics.  


#5 – Being on the electoral register can improve your credit score 

Banks or other lenders often carry out credit checks via the electoral register, this aids them in verifying your identity, and if the bank or lenders can confirm you are who you say you are your credit score can improve, especially for people with a short credit history (i.e Young People) who are applying for things like their first phone contract or bank loan. 


#6 – People Fight For Your Right To Vote!

Freedom to vote in elections and referendums wasn't always so free! Over the years people have fought and are still fighting for your right to put your ballot in the ballot box and let your voice be heard, so why not do them justice and exercise the right they have fought so hard to get! 


#7 – Vote for their future! 

This year’s general election will be the most significant election in a long time, and whoever wins is going to be making very big changes that will not only affect your future, but the future of those who are too young to vote, so when deciding whether or not to vote this year, take into consideration the number of futures you have the ability to change!  


#8 – Vote for your community! 

Again, your vote doesn’t just change your future, but the future of those who may be discriminated against or those who are underrepresented in their community. Your single vote can improve the lives of so many people who are desperate for change!  


#9 – It takes no more than 5 minutes! 

Over the years the process of registering to vote has become so simple and straight forward, the only things you need is your name, home address and national insurance number, so hop online to GOV.UK and get step by step instructions on how to get the job done. So simple even a dog posing for a selfie outside of a polling station could do it. 





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