Referenda Results

Thursday 26-04-2018 - 15:56

The results for the four referenda questions that were put to Middlesex students this week are now in!

All Middlesex Students were invited to vote in this years’ YES or NO referenda, submitted by Middlesex students via MDXSU’s Ideas for Change, which encourages students to submit their ideas to improve the MDX student experience. This tool allows other students to vote for, or against these ideas, and if the ideas gets enough votes in favour, it could feature in a future referendum.

The four ideas focused on non-academic issues which students felt were most important. The MDXSU Executive Team wanted to know your thoughts on the following questions; 



You can vote on other ideas MDX students have submitted right here. 



All ideas received enough votes in favour! So now, your Students' Union will campaign to make it happen. 


Should the Students' Union own a loan store for music equipment where student groups can book and borrow equipment?

Submitted by: James Kerrison

The idea: For the Students’ Union to have their own loan store of various pieces of music equipment for members of Student Groups and Societies to access for events. This would overcome the issue that only students studying a music degree have access to equipment owned by the university. You can view the full policy here.

The result: Passed! 346 votes in favour, 53 votes against.


Should the university ban all disposable coffee cups and give each student a free reusable cup instead?

Submitted by: Joe Cox

The idea: For MDXSU to work with the University to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups that are issues on campus. Offering every students a reusable coffee cup at the beginning of their studies and working with the university caterers to ensure MDX becomes a disposables-free campus. You can view the full policy here.

The result: Passed! 319 votes in favour, 116 votes against.


Should Middlesex University have a sexual health clinic that provides a free and confidential service (family planning, STI testing, etc.) for students on campus?

Submitted by: Erica Ramos

The idea: The closest sexual health clinic to Middlesex University is in Edgware. This idea would work mandate MDXSU to work with local clinics in and around the Barnet area to provide a sexual health clinic on campus. You can view the full policy here.

The result: Passed! 445 votes in favour, 25 votes against.


Should the university run an open gallery space in the local community that features work produced by students?

Submitted by: Rebecca Torrie and Michelle Medvec

The idea: For MDXSU to work with the university to hold a public gallery space in the local community to provide students with increased opportunities for their work to gain exposure thus increasing their employment opportunities in the future. You can view the full policy here.

The result: 378 votes in favour, 26 votes against.




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