Student-Led Teaching Awards 2018 Results

Thursday 12-04-2018 - 13:08


On Tuesday 10th April, MDXSU welcomed guests to the annual Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs) to celebrate excellent teaching and partnership across the university.


For its fifth consecutive year, the awards recognise the incredible staff at Middlesex University, as decided by the students of Middlesex university themselves.


Members of staff were nominated by students in ten different categories, and shortlisted by MDXSU Student Officers, student representatives and key members of university staff; recognising feedback on student assessments, inspirational lecturers and employability.


The SLTA are a key opportunity for MDX students to show their appreciation to the inspiring teachers and staff in a grand fashion, and, as all winners and shortlisters made clear on the night, the biggest reward of their work is the students’ lives they inspire.


An MDXSU Partnership Award for university staff members also took place, recognising those supporting and promoting the work of Middlesex Students' Union this year.


Academic Staff Member of the Year - Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries

Judy Difiore, Lecturer in Dance

Alejandro Abraham-Hamanoiel, Associate Lecturer in Media

And the winner is…

James Graham, Senior Lecturer in Media & Performing Arts

"Every lecture James delivers is interesting and thought provoking. He uses different technology to explore our surroundings and even managed to incorporate pokemonGo. It's a fun way to experience content. The lectures are always interactive which always allows to learn something new. Whenever there is a discussion - no answer is the wrong answer so people feel more comfortable participating in the lectures and seminars."


Academic Staff Member of the Year - Faculty of Science & Technology

Michael Heeney, Technical Tutor in Engineering & Computer Science

Matthew Jones, Associate Lecturer in Mathematics

And the winner is…

Dr Lizi Bryant, Senior Lecturer in Physiology, Physical Activity & Youth

"Students have said that Lizi has always been supportive of students and their work. She has even given opportunities to work alongside her on research projects she has been working on which has been a great experience to be a part of. She gets everyone involved in the session by asking everyone their research titles and giving suggestions about the type of methods we should use. She is a great teacher and it is remarkable the knowledge she has on her subject. She always makes time for one to one sessions and has a great way of making things understandable."


Academic Staff Member of the Year - Business School

Kooi See Yeap, Lecturer in Accounting

Mark McPherson, Associate Professor in Marketing

And the winner is..

Socrates Economou, Senior Lecturer in Marketing

"Socrates always makes time for his students and never makes us feel like he is too busy to help us. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help students achieve their best on their assignments. Our lectures are full of debates, and that allows the class to be fully engaged. And, as we all know, when you are engaged, you give yourself the best chance of success. Socrates has always gone above and beyond to ensure that we understand the content and the concept of marketing."


Academic Staff Member of the Year - Law School

Emma Milne, Lecturer in Law Enforcement

Mia Scally, Lecturer in Crimonology

And the winner is…

Elliot Schatzberger, Senior Lecturer Law

"Elliot always makes learning engaging and fun. They are always easy to understand and gives real examples to help you understand the content. Elliot has always been very hard working and supports students to achieve their full potential. Law is not the easiest subject to understand so it is extremely important to have lecturers like Elliot who are extremely knowledgeable of the subject."


Academic Staff Member of the Year - School of Health & Education

Raquel Rosales, Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Jo Killingly, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

And the winner is…

Yetunde Akinnuoye, Lecturer in Midwifery

Yetunde always makes sure students achieve the highest levels of Developmet on the programme. Through dynamic learning techniques yetunde offers individual and group opportunities throughout the year. Committed to facilitating application of theory into practice in a comprehensive range of teaching techniques, and always prepared to spend individual time with students to demonstrate and clarify.


Outstanding Feedback

Jason Scoot, Senior Lecturer in Art & Design

Richard Jones, Associate Professor in Accounting & Finance

And the winner is…

Deborah Rodriguez, Associate Lecturer in Psychology

"Deborah gives excellent feedback both face to face and via e-mail. She has also created a slack account, in which all of her dissertation students can share questions and information to which she answers regularly. In addition to this she has booked a three hour interview training for all her dissertation students as a response to queries in regards to interviewing techniques."


Support Staff Member of the Year

Ivan Punev, Graduate Academic Assistant in Science & Technology

Matt Cracknel, Graduate Academic Assistant in Law

And the winner is…

Ruxandra Anghel, Graduate Academic Assistant in Science & Technology

Ruxandra has been fundamental in the management and development of the Studywell initiative, which aims to enhance the wellbeing of students and reduce stress. In recognition of her belief in the need to improve student wellbeing,  Ruxandra displays exceptional energy and devotion in her commitment to students.


Outstanding Commitment to Student Development

Deborah Klika, Senior Lecturer in Television Production (Practice)

Franco Raimondi, Professor in Computer Science

And the winner is…

Gyorgy Beck, Lecturer in Film Production

"György consistently goes above and beyond his job role to ensure our development; although we only had five sessions in the television studio scheduled in for the year, as soon as free slots became available, he gave us the opportunity to attend extra sessions so that we could further hone in on our craft skills."


Most Inspiring Teacher

Giannina Warren, Lecturer in Advertising & Promotional Culture (Practice)

Elliot Schatzberger, Senior Lecturer Law

And the winner is...

Rory McAlister, Senior Technician (Performing Arts)

"Rory has had a resoundingly positive impact on the academic and extra curricular activities for many people in the theatre arts department. Always being there to provide support, being endlessly kind,  consistently signposting students to job offers, always having time to speak to students, always willing to give tutorials at the drop of a hat."


The Partnership Award

Julie Crabb, Head of Student Support & Wellbeing

We would like to recognise Julie for her continued support in some of our campaigns. she has been instrumental in working with me and Erica on student mental health and wellbeing. Julie is always forth coming in ideas to improve support for the wellbeing of students.

Alan Stuart, Director of Employability

we would like to recognise Alan  for  working tirelessly alongside our Campaigns team to deliver our fantastic community placements scheme. Alan has worked with the team to introduce and deliver an induction to placements. he have worked to embed our placement scheme into Unitemps and provide even more students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in local organisations. Alan have always been forth coming in putting students at the heart of their work and embedding student voice across many different projects.


Thank you to the hundreds of students who placed nominations, and congratulations to all staff who were nominated. We will be emailing all nominated staff with their nominations over the coming weeks.


Our next awards ceremony will celebrated students - click here to place your MDXSU Awards nominations by Wednesday 18 April.




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