Students celebrate their teachers at first ever MDXSU Teaching Awards

Tuesday 01-04-2014 - 11:56
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On Monday 31st March students, academics and University staff gathered in the Quad for the inaugural MDXSU student-led Teaching Awards, an event where Middlesex students celebrated the talents of their most exceptional teachers.


The new initiative was received with overwhelming enthusiasm from students, who submitted over 1000 nominations for more than 300 teachers across all 6 Schools, and the shortlist of nominees and winners were decided by MDXSU student interns. 



The awards ceremony was a free event hosted by MDXSU President Sayed Alkadiri and Vice President of Art, Media, Performing Arts + Design Sarah Bennett. Awards were presented by Middlesex University's new Chancellor Dame Janet Ritterman, former Mayor of Hendon Councillor Brian Schama, Middlesex's Global Head of Marketing Katie Bell and NUS Vice President Reachel Mattey.


The nominations for shortlisted teachers were the focus of the ceremony, with moving testimonies from students whose lives have been changed for the better by Middlesex lecturers and university staff. 


The results for each category are as follows:


Best Feedback

The nominees are:


- Andrew Roberts Lecturer, Sociology

- Claire Lewis, Lecturer, Graphic Design

- Dirk Wildeboer, Senior Lecturer, Bioscience & Biomedical Science

- Dr Peter Hough Principle Lecturer, International Politics

- Ashok Srivatava, Lecturer, Business


The winner is:

Ashok Srivastava, Lecturer, Business

"Ashok is insightful and encouraging – an amazing all-round teacher and colleague. 

Ashok is never too busy to give his students feedback. He will always try to find a time to help us – even if his feedback shows that we need to improve, he is always there to support us and make sure we stay motivated.

 Ashok clearly wants the best for all of his students and will push us to reach our highest potential."


MDXSU VP Sophie McKay with Ashok Srivastava, Dr Peter Hough, Dirk Wildeboer and Claire Lewis



Best Non-Teaching Staff

The nominees are:


- Manika Choudhury, Microbiology Technician

- Gulsum Metin, Senior Technician, Fashion

- Elena Aliferi, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Education

- Elaine Elson, Employability Advisor

- Vu Dang, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Natural Sciences


The winner is:

Gulsum Metin, Senior Technician, Fashion

"Gulsum is one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is so dedicated to her work, so passionate, so humbly experienced in her profession that even being in her presence makes you feel like you are getting better at garment construction.

As well as studying for a Masters degree, Gulsum goes out of her way to help us, often staying late to do so! I would be half the designer I am if it weren’t for her.

Gulsum is always going above and beyond to help us, and is always so proud when we do well. We all love Gulsum!"


Vu Dang, Manika Choudhury, Councillor Brian Schama, Gulsum Metin and Elaine Elson



Most empowering teacher

The nominees are:


- Dr Erin Sanders-McDonagh, Lecturer, Sociology

- Jassen Lee, Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing

- Jenny Jacobs, Director of Programmes, Biological & Environmental Health

- Meg Osbourne, Senior Lecturer & Act. Director of Programmes for the Fashion Directorate

- Steve Kett, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Science & Engineering


The winner is:

Dr Erin Sanders-McDonagh, Lecturer, Sociology

"Erin empowers her students to give answers, whether they are wrong or right, and always responds in ways that are comforting and reassuring.

She is a highly motivating and inspiring teacher, incredibly helpful and supportive and always ready to give her students the best to help them succeed.

She radiates passion for her subject – her door is always open and I look forward to her classes every week."


Meg Osbourne, Chancellor Dame Janet Ritterman, Dr Erin Sanders-McDonagh and Steve Kett



Most Innovative Teacher

The nominees are:


- Jassen Lee, Senior Lecturer, Adult Nursing

- Maria Jimenez, Lecturer, Marketing – Spanish

- Dr Simon Best, Senior Lecturer, International Management & Innovation

- Socrates Economou, Senior Lecturer, Marketing

- Dr Tunc Aybak, Programme Leader, International Politics


The winner is:

Socrates Economou, Senior Lecturer, Marketing

"Socrates has taken our course in a whole new direction with the introduction of e-lectures, which are delivered online and supported with a discussion forum where students are expected to comment and discuss the lecture.

Even the most sceptical students have grown to love his e-lectures. They have helped to make seminars so much more useful, as many more people attend having properly engaged with the subject in advance.

I am very grateful to Socrates for introducing e-lectures to our course. More of this, please!"


Dr Simon Best, Socrates Economou, Middlesex University Global Head of Marketing Katie Bell, Maria Jimenez, and Dr Tunc Aybak



Most Inspiring Teacher

The nominees are:


- Dale Wightman, Associate Lecturer, Media & Performing Arts

- Georgina Cox, Senior Lecturer, Nursing

- Patricia Cartney, Programme Leader, Social Work

- Steve Kett, Programme Leader of BSc Biosciences

- Dr Theresa Cronin, Lecturer, Media & Cultural Studies


The winner is:

Steve Kett, Programme Leader of BSc Biosciences

"Steve is, without a doubt, the most inspiring teacher I have encountered in my time at Middlesex, and anywhere else for that matter! The field trips he organises help enormously to aid our learning, and our general experience as young scientists.

Steve once said to me, “never say you cannot do something; you just haven’t refined the art of doing it yet. Never give up.” He makes you realise that you can achieve anything if you’re willing to work for it... and he also cares that you do!

He is the most humble, knowledgeable, encouraging and above all, the most inspiring teacher I have ever known."


Dr Patricia Cartney, Dale Wightman, Steve Kett, NUS Vice President Reachel Mattey, Georgina Cox and Dr Theresa Cronin



The Teaching Awards looks set to become an annual Middlesex Univeristy institution that throws a spotlight on the inspirational academics and staff who work here, and it's all down to you - the students. Thank you to all who nominated their teachers for making this event a richly deserved tribute their hard work and skill!







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