#SVLwins: Student Voice Leader WINS!

Thursday 17-01-2019 - 14:59

By Florentina and Paulina, BA Business and Accounting Student Voice Leaders


What is #SVLWins? 

#SVLWins is when we champion the Student Voice Leaders who actively sort solutions for the issues on their course. 


What was the issue?

Everyone knew about the operational management module problem, (we have too many questions for coursework).

Lectures weren’t recorded, and students thought this would be beneficial for their revision.

We also had a deadline on a Friday, but because Unihub had some problems on this day we needed an extension to submit.


How did you resolve it?

Anna, the operational management module leader, was very understanding and she agreed to extend the deadline with one week.

It was good news for everyone because we had more time to finish the coursework. So we want to thank her a lot for this!


After many discussions with our lecturer Mr Schatzberger we convinced him to record the lectures after Christmas holiday. It's very useful for students when they want to revise for exams to have the records. And also with his permission I recorded all lectures before Christmas holiday and I have made them available for anyone who needs it. So thank you for Mr Schatzberger too.


We then succeeded in extending the deadline for Advanced Management Accounting with two days. We talked with Mr John Fletcher and he agreed to extend the deadline to Sunday night.


What's next?

I'm glad to say that we have a pretty good relationship with our teachers and we are really cooperating. We are really confident in going forward and resolving any issues that may arise.


If you're a Student Voice Leader and want to share your success stories, let us know! By emailing: studentvoice@mdx.ac.uk


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