Your Student Officers stands with Palestine

Tuesday 18-05-2021 - 11:59
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As the Student Officers of MDXSU we wish to join the voices from around the world in expressing our shock, sadness and anger at the escalating humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  
We have been appalled to see the increase in violence and subsequent loss of civilian life. We are calling for an immediate ceasefire, for an end to illegal occupation and for a lasting, equitable and sustainable peace. 
As a team we are clear in our condemnation of the forced evictions of Palestinians in Occupied East Jerusalem, violence inside the Holy al-Aqsa Mosque, including firing stun grenades inside the mosque and the ongoing illegal blockade of Gaza. We are therefore calling on the British Government to do whatever it can to bring an end to the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people. We would encourage our students to peacefully and respectfully make their feelings known to our government and our local MPs.  
We are also deeply concerned by footage showing incidents of hate crime in North London over the weekend, there is no excuse for Antisemitism, Misogyny or Islamophobia. Middlesex University is a community built on mutual respect and understanding. We have a proud record as a University, a Students’ Union and a student community in standing up to hate wherever we find it. Now more than ever it is important that we are all vigilant, support each other and maintain those values of respect, understanding and opposition to racism. 
We know that these harrowing and distressing scenes will have caused upset to many and we would like to remind students that we are here to support you in whatever ways we can so please get in touch if you have been affected. 
Gagandeep Kaur, 
Tahmina Choudhery, 
Khalid Abumaye, 
Nishtha Relan

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