Ban use of animals for human entertainment at Mdx University!

by Deleted User 22 March 2018, 16:24

Category: Students Union Petition

Voting closed

This idea went to referendum between Monday the 3rd and Friday the 7th of December.

60.1% of students voted in favour, with 39% of students voting against this idea. As this referendum achieved the required turnout, this idea was passed.


The purpose of this petition is to ban indefinitely the use of animals at Middlesex University for human entertainment. This becoming less and less socially acceptable as there is an increasing understanding that animals are sentient beings, who have feelings, love and want to live their own lives without being kept in captivity and used for human profit-making. Middlesex University currently endorses the use of animals for human entertainment, such as reindeers found at the Mdx Xmas market, owls kept chained to little stands, egg-laying reptiles and amphibians in small tanks for Easter. They are kept in captivity, which is linked with stress-related diseases, boredom, mental health issues and premature death. There are an increasing number of companies and countries that are recognising these cruel practices and have decided to stop using animals like this.

We ask that the students at Middlesex University take a stand against this cruel industry, and join together in support of indefinitely banning the use of animals at Middlesex University and lead by example for other institutions.