Faster and Direct Bus route for students living in Wembley Park.

by Mangalesh Kanesvaran 26 September 2018, 13:59

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Current Situation: Students living around Wembley Area Park ( an area with numerous private hall accomodations) find it difficult to travel all the way to Hendon Campus. Current best route is bus 83 with the choice to either to walk 14 extra minutes to university or continue with bus 183. Total time is 40 mins whatever path is chosen.

Problem: A long distance travel to university every day affects not only people with health issues but everyone as they get tired and losing time from their personal study time by travelling every day and this will have an effect to their studies. Also by changing 2 buses it costs money for students. What we ask: A direct bus from Empire Way Str. to Middlesex University. ( •Wembley Arena -Stop G --->Middlesex University-Stop Q •Hendon Town Hall- Stop P ---> Fulton Road -Stop H) .

Result: That will make the total journey time to 15 mins( max 20) to reach uni.