Free car parking authorization for those committing from far and finishing lectures very late

by Armandine Sandra Fokem Massa 06 December 2018, 03:29

Category: Travel

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As well as life in London is expensive, transport is too. Some people commute from very far to Middlesex and yet have lectures finishing late, as 8pm. Also, some students prefer to stay late in the library to do some work. Despite the availability of public transport, some students find it cheaper and easy to get their own car. For those who live hours away from university and having to stress about running to catch the last train or in the worse case getting the bus considering the fact that some journeys take longer by public transport than personal transport. This is without mentioning delays and cancellations. 

If possibly the university could review their restrictions and fares on parking charges for students based on the above circumstances for a FREE car parking permit. 

Please kindly give a thumb up if you agree to this idea.