Make Student support fund available to all Middlesex Students

by Nuno Pinto Pedra Cunha 06 December 2017, 02:48

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Currently working and studying, for some, without anyone else's support might be a hard task.

Of course that without hard work there is no success but while studying our main focus should be the student life and what we dedicate most time to, and not the other way around. Currently the London Living Wage minimum is barely enough to live on, what not to study. Having a part-time job while having a full-time university year might not be enough to pay for our monthly expenses as a student and that is why there are good overall finance support options such as the Mantenance loan provided by Student Finance Englad and Student Support Fund which discretionally assists students financially to help them access and remain in Higher Education.

Unless you are not a UK Citizen. Then, you are out of luck. Yes, you are living now in the United Kingdom and yes you pay the exact same fees and fares as all other students, but as you're not considered a UK Citizen you're not even able to apply to such support channels.

My whole "idea" here is not very built upon yet since there needs to be a better solution presented for this problem, but it should and could be sorted by creating some sort of Student Support Fund that abranges all Middlesex University students and not just "Home students".

From my point of view it is not fair at all for the ones who are still adapting to a new place and a new country what not a new language for some? to not get any type of aid related to maintenance when compared to the ones that already are considerated a "home student" and have settled in on the country or even the city for more than 5 years.