MDX to fund free sanitary towels for just one day at the end of the month (28th of the month)

by Shopi mary Whittles 11 August 2020, 04:25

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I am Mary Whittles and campaigning of Mdx to support and enhance women's education by providing sanitary towels for women at least once month at the end of the month. You can't believe girls, ladies and women do miss school, university lectures and work because they simply can't afford or have run out and even sometimes forgotten this important item so dear to our hearts, a life saver at home. Some times things happen, accidents I mean, so in all honesty, heart to heart, woman to woman we need help here. It will be an honour for the university to recognise our plee as women in need and support us grow as we come from all walks of life. I wait for your reply. If you are in favour of this action, place your vote, thank you. 


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    Jess Hall   wrote, 28-10-2020 - 20:54

    I think this should be extended just from women to people who menstruate because you may not identify as a female, but still have periods. I don't believe they are essential to womanhood. However, I completely agree that the University should do more about period poverty. The number of times I've walked into the College Building toilets and found the free sanitary towel box empty is heartbreaking. I've even filled it up myself. So I definitely support you in recognising this issue, I just wish it wasn't just defined to women. Thanks!

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    Baridilo Vure   wrote, 18-11-2020 - 12:42

    Completely agree. I like the idea you filled the empty ones up yourself. We could come up with ways of donating sanitary towels ourselves (for those who are able).

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    Rahul .   wrote, 14-01-2021 - 19:20

    Yes I’m agree with this idea. It’s good idea to take a step in this way it’s helpful ..... Respect women ❤️

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