Microwaves for students

by Camilla Silva 01 December 2015, 00:23

Category: Food

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Students with food allergies, like me, don't have much choice to eat on campus.

A lack of microwaves on campus also means that we can't bring our own meal without eating it cold.

I think having microwaves available on campus would be an easy and fast solution for students with special food requirements; allergies/intolerances, coeliacs, vegans or simply people that want to bring their own food. 



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    Deleted User   wrote, 03-12-2015 - 09:18

    I agree! It would be much easier to be able to heat your own food.

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    Imaan Nalla   wrote, 09-12-2015 - 11:41

    Finally!!! Please let this actually become real, the food on campus is expensive and lacks choice. Whilst bringing my own food from food allows me to choose exactly what I want to eat, the choices are limited as who likes to eat cold food!!!

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    Luke Bellas   wrote, 21-12-2015 - 14:44

    It is something that we, over in ravensfield, would really like.

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