Opportunity for students to buy a bedding/cutlery pack

by Gabriella Paul 20 September 2019, 19:45

Category: Housing

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It would be a good idea if the university was able to provide the students with a kitchen and/or bedding package with items like utensils, cutlery etc. and a duvet, pillow etc. (respectively) for a nominal rate.

This comes from personal experience as I had to send a large amount of my luggage through cargo because of the baggage limit of 40 kg. This is especially useful for students from further overseas as they will not have the chance to go back home during term time and have no other option but to lug stuff from home. And it helps on the financial front as well. 

Hope you guys share the same views!


*Please Note: As this idea for change is relating to University practices, the passing of this motion will mandate your Students' Union to lobby the university to implement change. This does not guarantee the change will happen*