Place - Kitchen to warm our own food on a cooker Naturally (No microwave)

by Deleted User 26 October 2019, 14:56

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Hi friends,

I would like to raise the importance of healthy and economical way to eat while spending all or most our day at the University.

Many of us staying to practice after or before lessons or going for extra lessons after the uni and will have chance to have a proper meal at home after 8-9pm.

By being able eat our own cooked food is very much beneficial both for our health and pocket.

It is shame to be able to cook something at home but not being able to bring it with you because you cannot heat it properly in a natural way.

Here are some of the reasons I start this petition:

1) Many studies has proved microwave change the heated food molecularly, which becomes foreign material for our body, making it cancerous (adds up slowly but steadily.

2) Eating sandwiches outside does not provide our body with the nutrients it needs, on the contrary, it creates stomach issues.

3) Eating outside is not healthy as neither you have picked up the products by the quality you would, neither it is cooked in healthy way, neither the oils used to cook are usually fresh.

4) Paying 3-4 pounds every time a portion that equals to half of your normal meal portion, cost at the end of the month a lot.

5) Student's does not appreciate the meal options inside University as the quality of products and cooking is poor, that apply for all selling points inside campus.

6) Eating outside university cost a lot.


Thank you for consideration.

Best Regards

Ioulianos Antoniadis


*Please Note: As this idea for change is relating to University practices, the passing of this motion will mandate your Students' Union to lobby the university to implement change. This does not guarantee the change will happen*