Should we setup a nightline service run by students, for students?

by Anonymous 28 January 2021, 13:34

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I think building a student nightline service for students will:

- help students struggling with their mental health. students wanting to become a listening volunteer can be trained on how to communicate with students in need of support. students can also advise what support is available (Welfare team, Mental health, Disability, etc.) within the uni. 

- provide opportunities for students wanting to gain experience. For example digital marketer, mental health ambassador or coordinator, IT volunteer, Finance officer, Research volunteer/team lead, project manager, etc. 

All students are impacted by the pandemic in different ways. students who are currently going through a hard time may not know how to get the right support and may suffer in silence. students may also find it challenging to find work let alone find work in the field they want to pursue due to the pandemic. 

creating a nightline service will not only help students who need someone to speak to and get support but help students enhance their skills, gain experience and be able in the future to apply roles that complement the skills and experience they have gained. 

I think this will also be great for students from various courses to be on board to set up the nightline service to make it a success. 


Please note: As this policy relates to an activity that would be run by the University this policy would mandate the elected Officers to campaign for such a measure and would not guarantee its exists.