Study space for group work

by Anonymous 06 November 2020, 14:59

Category: University Petition

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Middlesex University is not giving students access to an appropriate area to study as a group. 
Government guidelines state that: You should consider students’ desire to interact socially and creatively with other students as part of their educational experience. If possible, you could look to designate specific areas (‘creative spaces’) for students to socially and creatively interact beyond the usual teaching environment. These areas could include markings to allow for social distancing or the use of screens.’ However Middlesex university is not catering to this at all. The government also states that social contact guidelines do not apply to ‘gatherings for educational purposes’. 

This petition aims to get Middlesex University to:

- Allocate areas where we can work in groups.

- Provide heaters and electrical sockets in the outside areas.

- Allow students access to empty classrooms to meet with others to study.