There should be a MDX Bike Scheme for students and staff

by Deleted User 21 August 2016, 18:50

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If students or staff want to start cycling to university or exploring the local area but don't have a bike then a MDX Bike Scheme should be created. This scheme would be accessible to both students and staff and will not only save them a lot of money on their travel costs but it will also cut their carbon footprint and improve their fitness. 

This fantastic initiative will enable students and staff to try commuting on a bike without the expense of buying a bike. Bikes can be loaned for a term or an entire academic year. For example, there could be 2 different price plans: a price for an academic term loan and a price for an academic year loan. The fee could also include a regular free bike check and support and advice on getting the most out of cycling.

If you have any more suggestions about a MDX Bike Scheme then please comment below!

There should be a MDX Bike Scheme for students and staff!




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    Deleted User   wrote, 01-09-2016 - 20:23

    I think its a fantastic idea in all aspect, we all should try and get as many people on it as it is it will be investment for now and for the future students to come.

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    Deleted User   wrote, 07-09-2016 - 01:53

    Thank you very much saifur rahman for your support and encouragement, this is much appreciated, come on guy let's get voting let's make this happen

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