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Wednesday 14-08-2019 - 16:30
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Written by Kieran Galvin, MDX undergrad student & MDXSU Social Media & Digital Content Intern

If you’re reading this article you’ve no doubt received your results and are now ready to embark on your journey at Middlesex University 😎. 

Being a current student and part-time intern of this fine establishment, I like to think I’m an expert on all things MDX (Middlesex for all the newbies) and I’d like to pass on my vast amount of knowledge to you guys with the hopes it’ll make your first year with us the most fun and stress-free it can be, I’ve separated each section into chapters so I feel more official.

Let’s get this party started! 

Chapter 1 – Money Saving Tips  

Now you’re probably thinking, “Why would I need money saving tips? My student loan is more than enough to cover everything” Yeah.. I too thought the same thing in my first year, then before I knew it I was living off of rice and beans a whole month before the next loan dropped. Lucky for you Uncle Kieran is here to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did! (Like buying a £10 steak because I wanted to “treat myself”). I apologise for the length of this chapter, actually no I don’t, you’ll thank me later. 


Here are my top tips for saving money whilst being a full-time student: 

Money Saving Tip #1 – Get A Job! 

What better way is there to save money than to earn more money, am I right? Getting a part-time job will help you do this (FYI, social media influencer isn’t a part-time job). Not only does this give you an employability edge after you’ve finished your degree, it also means you’ll be the designated shot buyer on all nights out! Okay that last bit isn’t true, but having a secondary income on top of your student loan will definitely put you in a better financial position throughout your time at MDX (good news for you, bad news for rice and bean sale figures). Get in touch with Unitemps to find out more about job opportunities in and around the university. 

Money Saving Tip #2 – Weekly Budgeting and Deals 

Remember when I said let’s get this party started? Yeah I didn’t mean that literally, partying is very expensive and if you’re gonna survive your first term at MDX, I don’t recommend going out clubbing every 3 nights with your flatmates or course mates, as tempting as it sounds. 

The only exception is Welcome Month, which your Students' Union organises for students to give you all a chance to meet new people and have a cheap week of fun before the term starts (I know, we’re awesome).

Okay, daddy moment over, now let’s move on to the love of my life… FOOD! This one is pretty simple, when food shopping I recommend making a shopping list so you know exactly what you’re buying, then go and find the best prices and deals on those specific foods, keep an eye out for multi-buy deals and always check the expiration date so you know you’re buying the freshest stock! Set a weekly spending budget so you don’t overspend on chocolate bars and coffee!  

Money Saving Tip #3 – Prioritising Your Spending  

Do you really need that inflatable swimming pool? You don’t even have a back garden!  
When spending your money, always take into sweet sweet consideration all the other things you’ll need to be paying for too, like rent, phone bills, travel costs, food 💜, you know, grown up stuff.

For example, if you have £25 left in your weekly budget and you have no food in the fridge, don’t spend £20 on a 3 course meal at Frankie and Benny’s.  

Boom, now you’re a money saving expert like me!  

Chapter 2 – Social Life  

While the whole point of university is to get a degree in something you think you’ll be really good at (food eating degree wasn’t an option so I settled for games design), things like finding new interests and making lifelong friends is also part of the university experience too!

MDXSU holds an event each year called Freshers' Fair, this gives introverts and extroverts alike the chance to get involved with everything the university has to offer, these include: 


Freebies and Discounts

Okay not exactly social life related, but if you bothered to read chapter 1 seeing the words freebie and discount probably made your eyes light up like the sky on bonfire night. Well the good news is you can find these same words dotted all around The Quad (main entrance building) during Freshers' Fair as a number of generous organisations (local and national) will be handing out tons of freebies and discounts for you to stock up on right before term starts. 
I know I’m gonna be there!  


One of the awesome things about MDXSU is the wide variety of societies we have for you to join, so whatever it is you’re into there’s most probably a society for you. Gamer? Join the Games Society. Enjoy arguing? Join the Debating Society. Always wondered where that scar on your forehead came from? Join the Harry Potter Society. Even if you don’t find a society you’re into, you can always create your own! Man v Food Society anyone? 

Sports Teams

If like me you have a crazy level of athletic potential coursing through your veins, why not try out for a sports team? Whether it’s rugby you’re into, or you fancy yourself a natural at taekwondo or table tennis, sign up by speaking to the captain of that specific team who will be present at the Freshers' Fair. Naturally my name will be on every list.  

Get To Know Your Students' Union

Pretty much what it says on the tin, get to know MDXSU and what they do for students like you and me. This includes how they make our time at MDX a lot more enjoyable and what plans they have for the upcoming academic year, you also get the opportunity to meet dream team, the very heart and soul of the MDXSU, the Student Officers! If you have any ideas about how you can make the university better, these are the guys to go to. 

No they can’t replace every water dispenser with chocolate fountains, I’ve already asked. 

Chapter 3 – MDXworks

Now it’s all well and good completing your degree to the best of your ability to secure an impressive, employable grade, but what’s more impressive is having practical experience in your chosen field outside of university too, this is where MDXWorks steps in. MDXworks is a lot like flossing your teeth, not everybody does it, but the people who do have a better chance of not getting gum disease, or in MDXworks case, a better chance at securing a graduate job, which is ideally what we all want right? 

They offer tons of different ways to improve your chances of getting a job in your chosen field right after graduation, these include big things like placements and internships or smaller yet still really valuable resources like CV and cover letter templates.

You can find more details on the Middlesex University website under the employment section, MDX Works also have an on-site office located in The Quad. Is it too late to apply for an internship at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? ...asking for a friend.


Well there you have it, all my knowledge on how to survive at Middlesex University. I know, I know, “OMG Kieran you’re so wise and knowledgeable”, I know. I hope you enjoy your time at Middlesex University! (The cool kids say MDX). 




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