'No Detriment' Policy: Postgraduate Taught Update

Monday 26-10-2020 - 16:00
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Alongside Middlesex University, we are pleased to announce a ‘No Detriment Policy' for eligible postgraduate taught (PGT) students. 
In April, your previous Officer team made clear on their stance on a ‘No Detriment’ policy, and your current Officer team remain committed to this. In June, your previous Officer team confirmed details of the University’s ‘No Detriment’ policy for Undergraduate students. However, both ourselves and the University know that this is not a pandemic which distinguishes between students based on their level of study. The pandemic has impacted all our lives in different ways, and something that we and the University continue to recognise.  
Therefore, MDXSU warmly welcomes the University’s ‘No Detriment’ policy for Postgraduate Taught students. We would again like to thank the University and its staff for the hard work gone into developing this policy and the additional safety net measures that have been put in place. The University and the Students’ Union committed partnership continues to bring great strength to our communities, ensuring that we can continue to work together to develop exceptional academic and overall student experience for everyone. As always, we remain devoted to supporting throughout these uncertain times.  

Details of the policy can be found in the email copy below which has been sent to all eligible postgraduate taught students. 

" As your Vice-Chancellor and Students’ Union Officers, we are committed to ensuring that you are supported during these challenging times. It’s crucial that fairness, equity and quality are at the heart of our approach during these unprecedented and difficult times. 
This ‘no detriment’ approach applies to eligible postgraduate taught students completing their studies this year (2020/21 academic year), ensuring that the difficulties you may have faced during this pandemic are considered as part of your final degree classification. It will see all 180 credits, that make up a masters award, being treated equally - with the best 90 credits at a particular classification used and required to determine the overall classification. This classification profile will be presented alongside the standard grade calculation with the highest profile being used to determine the grade awarded. 
In agreeing to this provision, Academic Board members were mindful of balancing our commitment to you during this unprecedented time with the requirement to safeguard and uphold the quality of our degrees. This approach will be applied this year only (for students completing this 2020/21 academic year), and the impact will be evaluated to inform any further action which may be necessary to ensure consistency between cohorts.  
If you have any questions relating to this ‘no detriment’ approach please contact UniHelp.  
We would like to thank all of you for the proactive way you have approached your assignments and assessments this academic year. I am very proud of the way our whole #TeamMDX community has responded in these challenging times. ​ 
Professor Nic Beech - Vice-Chancellor 
Gagandeep, Tahmina, Khalid and Nishtha – your elected MDXSU Officers"


Gagandeep Kaur, Khalid Abumaye, Nishtha Relan, Tahmina Choudhery

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