NUS Delegate Elections 2019: The Results

Monday 09-12-2019 - 18:17
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The results of last week's MDXSU NUS Delegate Elections are in!

The elected students will attend the NUS National Conference and Liberation Conference, which bring together student representatives from universities across the UK to discuss, debate and decide the future of the National Union of Students (NUS) and its policies and priorities for the year ahead. These policies can have a real impact on your education and the lives of students across the country.

Your delegates also have the responsibility of electing the future leadership of the National Union of Students  - at last year's conference, one of MDXSU’s previous Vice Presidents was elected as the current NUS Vice President Union Development!

As your Students' Union, MDXSU is able to send up to six delegates to NUS National Conference - one space is automatically given to the MDXSU President, while the other five delegates were elected in this election. MDXSU also sends an additional six delegates to the NUS Liberations Conference. For more information, visit

This year, 25 Middlesex University students put themselves forward for the opportunity to attend these conferences. The results of this election are as follows:


NUS National Conference Delegates 2019/20

Lucy Holland  

Isabel Mouchos De Baere Campos Neves  

Tahmina Choudhery  

Fatima Begum  

Aashi Tejwani  


NUS Liberation Conference Delegates 2019/20

Bemikale Ogisi (Black* Student Place) 

Tahmina Choudhery (Black* Woman Student Place) 

Natasha White (Disabled Student Place) 

Lisa Hunt (LGBT+ Student Place)

Isabel Mouchos De Baere Campos Neves (Woman Students' Place) 

*Black is an inclusive term NUS uses to denote people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage.


Next term, students will have the opportunity to put themselves forward to become the next President and Vice Presidents of their Students' Union. Watch this space for more information, or email our team at



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