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Thursday 01-04-2021 - 14:58
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As mentioned in an our earlier statement, Academic Board (the highest academic decision-making body of the University) unfortunately decided that they will not support a no detriment policy like the one that was implemented last academic year. However, they did agree to pass eight support measures to support students with their academics this year and, since then, in response to student feedback and in consultation with your Student Officers, have also agreed to an additional measure to review module grades against pre-pandemic benchmarks. This was outlined in the email sent to students on 11th March. 
As the University moves into the Easter Break, we are still waiting for the details of this new algorithm that will adjust for your performance on a modular level to be confirmed, and wanted to reassure you that provision of a comprehensive academic safety net policy remains a priority for MDXSU.  
We continue to receive emails from students about their concerns, queries and questions about this policy and the impact this year is having on their academics, and continue to raise this issue in the meetings we attend and in discussions with senior management. We are aware of the urgency for the detail of this new measure to be confirmed and shared as soon as possible. 
As your representatives, we would like to reiterate our commitment to ensure students receive the necessary support from the University. 
If you are concerned about your academic study or are in need of support, we strongly recommend that you contact the Students’ Union Advice Service. The Advice Service is independent to the University and can support you with a range of both academic and non-academic issues. 
We hope that there will be some progress in confirming this additional measure soon and that we will be able to communicate with you when you return after Easter break.     

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