Organising Events

Society events:

We've come up with 5 simple steps to follow when organising a society event! Please allow at least 4-6 weeks when planning an event.

1) Let us know of your event (this includes off campus events!). Just drop us an email, letting us know what you're planning on doing and when it's taking place.

2) Come and talk to us about your event! We're here to help you, and have staff who can help you out each step of the way. Please email for more information

3) Provisionally book the space through us. Once you've spoken to MDXSU about your event, we will provisionally book the required space for you.

4) Promo materials and marketing. After you've spoken to us about your event and the space is provisionally booked, we need to check over any promo or marketing materials you've created. This is to check there's no mistakes, that the language/images are appropriate and that our logo is visible.

5) Event confirmation. We'll email you an event confirmation, once everything is booked in and completed. After receiving this you can start promoting the event, create an event page on the MDXSU website and spread the word!


Please note, your event is not confirmed until you receive an event confirmation email.


Bake Sales

It has been sore point for societies for many years that they haven't been allowed to host bake sales on campus, despite seeing similar fundraising taking place at other universities to great success. However, we're excited to announce that after much campaigning from MDXSU Vice President Sayed and our Student Officers, we have successfully negotiated with the university and their catering contractors for societies to be allowed to sell baked goods on campus, effective as of February 2016!

As there is a health and safety aspect to the sale of baked goods there will be some regulations and process societies will have to follow. Bake sale stalls will need to be approved by the Students’ Union, and can only take place in the foyer of MDX House. To apply for a bake sale stall, please complete this bake sale form then email to or hand in at the MDXSU Welcome Desk.  Please note, we require at least 2 weeks notice in order to process your bake sale application.


Room booking:

When it comes to organising events, booking rooms and booking stalls - preparation is key! When booking rooms, remember to allow at least 7-10 days for booking the space. Although it usually won’t take this long to confirm a booking you must remember there are around 70 societies and over 18,000 students who may also need to book a space on campus! For larger bookings (such as MDX House), please allow at least 4-6 weeks. Any last minute requests may not be approved in time.

Need to book a room? Here’s how…

  1. Email the Societies Coordinator stating what time you need the room to/from, what date you’d like the room, how many attendees will be coming and what you’ll be using the room for.
  2. We will then contact the room bookings department in the University and confirm a room with them.
  3. You’ll then receive an email confirming the room number, time and date.


Important things to remember:

  1. Please leave the room as you found it
  2. Do not advertise the use of the room/space until we have confirmed it with you
  3. We are unable to allocate lecture theatres for regular meetings. These spaces can only be used for large scale events such as guest speaker talks etc. This is due to lecture theatres previously being used for other events and the equipment getting broken or moved, which then affects teaching.


External Speakers:

Hosting a speaker at one of your events is a fantastic idea, but we will need to be informed of this at least 3 weeks prior to the event to ensure that the speaker is operating in line with our  Policy On Handling Events With External Speakers. No external speakers should be booked before you have had confirmation from MDXSU that we are able to host them. 

If you require funding for your event you can apply for money through the funding committee. For more details on Society finances, please click here.