Student Groups Executive Committee Elections are now open for the following roles: 

  • International/Cultural Societies Representative x1

  • Faith Societies Representative x2

  • MDXSU Black Students Liberation Representative x1

  • MDXSU Disabled Students Liberation Representative x1

  • MDXSU Women Students Liberation Representative x1

*Only students who are committee members of these society categories/liberation groups are eligible to nominate themselves. You must also be logged into the MDXSU website with your student email.

Apply for a role here

Elections Time Line:

Nominations Open: Friday 2 October, 10am 

Nominations Close:Thursday 15 October, 4pm

Voting Open: Monday 19 October 2020, 10am

Voting Close: Thursday 22 October 2020, 4pm 

Why should you apply to become SGEC? 

By taking on this opportunity, you will develop skills in budgeting and finance, and offer your opinion on what Student Group finances should rightfully be spent on. You will also have the chance to meet people from all types of societies and liberation groups, and you will gain insight on what events and activities the societies you are not involved in are up to. This could open doors for collaborative opportunities, or provide inspiration to develop the activities your society provides.  

What happens once you have nominated yourself? 

Once you have nominated yourself, you will be sent a confirmation email. Voting will then be open from 10am Monday 19th October – 4pm Thursday 22nd October. Only members of societies within the same category as your own will be eligible to vote for your role. 

What is the Student Group Executive Committee (SGEC)?

Members of the Student Groups Executive Committee attend a meeting once month, where they go through all of the bids submitted by Student Groups (societies, liberation groups, and student media) for funding. It's their job to debate and discuss whether the bid is sufficient enough to grant the money requested by the society. The diverse range of student representatives are able to provide perspective and knowledge which stems from leading their society/liberation group from within its category (faith, international/culture, academic, general interest, liberation group).    

They also occasionally review Emergency Bids which can be submitted by a society outside of the monthly deadline. This only occurs if their bid was previously declined and they are provided with the opportunity to submit an Emergency Bid. 

Members of SGEC will also sit on Union Council. Union Council meet three times per year, and is made up of students from various backgrounds, experiences and areas of study as well as all members of the Student Groups Executive Committee.  

Union Council is our key student committee, with responsibility for determining MDXSU policy and deciding action on student ideas for change. Your President and Vice Presidents also report on their work and actions at Union Council meetings, giving students an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about their campaigns. 

Who is on the SGEC?

The Student Group Executive Committee is made of students who sit on committees of individual Student Groups. The committee is elected, and aims to consist of one Chair, along with two representatives from each of the following Student Group types: 

  • General/Special Interest Societies 
  • International & Cultural Societies 
  • Faith Societies 
  • Academic Societies 
  • Campaigning Societies 
  • Student Media  
  • Each of the Liberation Groups (Black Students, Women Students, LGBT+ Students and Disabled Students Group) 

How does the SGEC operate?

After each funding deadline the SGEC will meet to discuss the bids received and decide on whether to allocate funds based on a series of criteria. Whilst MDXSU continues to operate remotely, all SGEC meetings will take place online.