What is the Student Group Exec?

The main responsibility of the Student Group Executive Committee is to decide on Grant Applications, or funding bids, which Student Groups can submit each month. Six members of the Student Group Executive Committee also sit on the Student Council alongside other elected student representatives. As part of Student Council, these students make decisions which effect change on campus, while representing the voices and views of group and society members.

Who is on the Executive Committee?

The Student Group Executive Committee is made of students who sit on committees of individual Student Groups. The committee is elected, and aims to consist of one Chair, along with two representatives from each of the following Student Group types: 

  • General/Special Interest Societies 
  • International & Cultural Societies 
  • Faith Societies 
  • Academic Societies 
  • Campaigning Societies 
  • Student Media  
  • Each of the Liberation Groups (Black Students, Women Students, LGBT+ Students and Disabled Students Group)