Considering 1st Year Marks towards the Final Grade

by Sondos Nafie Ben B. 25 February 2021, 13:05

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Hi everyone,

I propouse Middlesex University and our Student Union to consider the following idea:

To give Middlesex University students the option to choose whether their first year marks count towards their final undergraduate grade or not. 

I think that while many students arrive to University with low academic level, there are many others which find first year modules easy to cope with. In addition, it is worthwhile considering that many students will not perform at their best in the first year, knowing that their grades will not be appreciated in their final degree grade. 

Here I propouse the idea of giving students the possibility to decide whether they wish their first year grades to count towards their final grade or not, since not everyone is equal. 

With my proposal, both students with less confidence and students who perform well in the first year of undergraduate studies, will benefit from this policy. 

Two questions arise however regarding this issue: 

  1. At which stage will the university give students such option?
  2. How much will first year grades count towards the final degree mark?

Regarding the first question, I would suggest giving students the option to make such choice, after they have started their first year, since that way they will have a taste of the level they are require to perform in. So for example, let us imagine someone called Ana isn't confident with her academic level, but when she arrives to Mdx University the first year feels that she is performing very well. Then, sometime during her first year she would be given the option to choose whether to consider her first year marks towards the final grade. It could be two months after it starts, in the middle of the course, or in the end. 

Regarding the second question, it would be for the University and Student Union to decide the percentage of first year grades that count towards the final mark. It should be taken into consideration the percentage that other universities in the UK apply, and other factors still to be analysed. I would personally suggest from my knowledge on the English academic system, that first year marks count 10% towards the final grade. However, I acknowledge the possible flaws of my estimation. 

I leave the idea to Middlesex University, our Student Union, and fellow colleagues in the Mdx Community to decide whether to support this idea or not. Personally, and as exposed by my proposal, I think this idea will benefit all students since it would be an option, not a binding rule. 

Thank you very much