Middlesex Students’ Union will be postponing all non-essential activity and the MDXSU offices and Welcome Desk will be closed until further notice. All MDXSU, Student Group, Society and Community events have also been cancelled. 

Our community networks are here to make sure all students have the best university experience possible, helping students to find supportive and fun communities, and influence positive change on campus.

We know you’re busy, so you can get involved as much or as little as you like, and throughout the year we'll be putting on events and activities specifically for your community!  We want you to have the best experience and get the best grades possible so whatever your circumstances MDXSU are, here to support you. 

Click the images below to find out more about each of our communities, or scroll down to view the MDXSU Communities support staff or find upcoming communities events. 





Meet the Communities Team


Bel Bale
MDXSU Student Communities Development Coordinator

'I'm here to help students from various communities find their feet whilst at Middlesex University, regardless of circumstance. Whether you fancy leading one of our student communities, helping to organise a one-off activity, or simply want to attend some of our events, get in touch to see how MDXSU can support you!' 

Tel.: 020 8411 4962



Rachael Wall
MDXSU Student Communities & Development Manager 

'My role is to help students get involved in all the student groups, campaigns and opportunities that they fancy! I'm really keen to make sure that MDXSU supports each and every student, especially those who typicall fly under the radar. So please remember, you Students' Unuon is here for you!'

Tel.: 020 8411 5059