MDX First Aid Society

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Welcome everyone! 


We are a lively group of St. John Ambulance student volunteers who run the MDX First Aid Society. Students from all academic backgrounds who are enthusiastic about learning life saving skills are welcome! Join us to learn important first aid skills that will teach you what to do in emergency situations every Thursday night from 6-7:30pm. We often have game/pizza nights where you can socialise and get to know the whole team, take part in Kahoot quizzes at the end of each month where you can win prizes and most importantly be able to put what you learn into practice in fun activities, such as the 'unconscious casualty' scenarios.


By joining this First Aid Society you will learn how to deal with casualties who are unresponsive or bleeding as well as casualties that are asthmatic, choking or are having a seizure. As well as imporving these life saving skills you will also be able to improve your interpersonal skills and boost your CV. Members who are particularly passionate about first aid can take it one step further and apply to become an SJA volunteer where you will be able to go on events such as Premier Football Matches, Wimbeldon Tennis Championships and concerts and festivals as a St. John Ambulance first aider. In order to become a member of St John Ambulence (SJA) members of the society should speak to a commitee member at the start of the year. After a few essential checks such as a DBS check and an informal interview, members will be invited to attend a First Aid course which will run over four days over a weekend. After this members will recieve their SJA unifroms and will be able to attend events as a First Aider.  


Due to COVID-19, we will be organising some online sessions starting from October. Follow us on social media to stay updated and find out about events, and become a member to receive email updates!


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