NUS Delegates

Each year, MDX students have the opportunity to become one of several delegates attending the annual National Union of Students’ (NUS) conferences - the National Conference and Liberation Conference.


These conferences give students from across the country the chance to steer the work of NUS representing over 7 million students across the United Kingdom, making changes which improve the lives of students nationwide. Being an NUS Delegate is an amazing opportunity to shape these changes, represent Middlesex on the national stage and meet students from across the country. Attending the conference is free, and accommodation and travel is covered by MDXSU.


National Conference

National Conference is the main policy-making body of NUS, bringing together nearly a thousand delegates from Students' Unions across the country to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership of NUS for the years ahead. 


MDXSU is a member of NUS and entitled to send six delegates to National Conference. Your MDXSU President automatically becomes the lead delegate, with five positions available for other elected student delegates. The six delegates are decided through an election, with NUS policy requires that at least 50% of our delegates must self-define as women.

Your delegates for 2020:

Lucy Holland
Isabel Mouchos De Baere Campos Neves  
Tahmina Choudhery  
Fatima Begum  
Aashi Tejwani 
Anas Badar (MDXSU President)


Liberation Conference

Liberation Conference is an opportunity for student activists from across the country to build campaigns, make policy and discuss issues affecting students from Liberation Groups. 

To attend this conference or vote in the elections, students must self-identify into the available delegate positions, and also must be a member of the relevant MDXSU Liberation Group.

Your delegates for 2020:

Bemikale Ogisi (Black* student place)
Tahmina Choudhery (Black* woman student place) 
Natasha White (Disabled student place) 
Lisa Hunt (LGBT+ student place)
Isabel Mouchos De Baere Campos Neves (Woman student place)

*Black is an inclusive term NUS uses to denote people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage. 


NUS Delegate Elections

Nominations have now closed for students to put themselves forward for the conferences in 2020, with elections taking place in December 2019. For more information, read the results announcement.

There will be additional elected leadership opportunities throughout the year, including the chance to become a President or Vice President of Middlesex Students' Union (these elections take place in March). To find out more, visit or contact