NUS Delegates

Every year, MDX students have the opportunity to become one of several NUS Delegates attending the annual National Union of Students conferences throughout the year.


These conferences give student leaders from across the country the chancey to steer the work of the NUS - which represents all 7 million students in the UK -  and make changes which could improve the lives of students nationwide. Being an NUS Delegate is an amazing opportunity to shape these changes, represent Middlesex on the national stage and meet students from across the country. Attending the conference is free, and accommodation and travel is covered by Middlesex Students' Union.


Conferences include the NUS National Conference, and liberations conferences for Trans Students' Conference, Women Students' Conference, Black Students' Conference, Disabled Students' Conference, LGBT+ Students' Conference, Sections Conference (including Parents and Carers, Postgraduate and Mature and Part-Time), and International Students' Conference.


This year's NUS Delegates were elected in December 2018, with the successful representaives as follows:


Conference Date No. of MDXSU Delegates Representative   
National Conference 9th - 11th April 2019 6

Ayan Benberna
Reygan Davison
Marsia Masudur
Anas Badar
Tahmina Choudhery
Lucy Holland

Black Students' Conference 16th - 17th March 2019 1* Saud Salaat
Disabled Students' Conference 8th - 9th May 2019 1* Nawal Ibrahim
International Students' Conference 27th - 28th February 2019 1* Anas Badar
LGBT+ Students' Conference 5th - 6th March

1 open place member*
1 Woman's Place member*

Armandine Massa
Sections Conference 29th January 2019 1 Postgraduate Student*
1 Mature or Part-Time Student*
1 Student Parent or Carer*
Murat Sari
Aarson Fenton-Hewitt
Trans' Students' Conference 30th - 31st January 2019 1* Zooey Perry
Women Students' Conference 22nd - 23rd May 2* Vacant


As part of our role as a member of NUS, we can submit up to 1400 words of policy to be considered at NUS National Conference in March 2019! Delegates to Conference from all over the UK will then vote on our proposals or amendments. The Executive Committee is responsible for submitting MDXSU's 1400 words of policy and will consider all ideas and proposals that are submitted. Email to find out more!