Student Group Leader

Nominations are now closed

The deadline to apply for some of our vacant Student Group Leader roles has been extended to Monday 8 February, 10am. View the updated list of available roles HERE

Student Group Leaders are students who are responsible for leading their society, liberation group, or student media platform. Student Groups are led by a minimum of 3 Student Group Leaders who form a committee. As a Student Group Leader, you’ll be responsible for:  

  • Attending training to help you in your role 
  • Acting as the liaison between your group and MDXSU 
  • Planning inclusive activity 
  • Organising finances for the group 
  • Promoting the group and engaging students 

Leading a society could help you make friends, build a support-network for others, and develop your personal and professional skills, such as communication, time management, problem solving and leadership. These skills will help you stand out in future employment opportunities, and help grow your confidence! Become a role model and representative for your student group!

To apply to be a Student Group Leader you’ll need to: 

  • Be a member of the student group you wish to lead via the MDXSU website 
  • Be an enrolled Middlesex University student for the 2021/22 academic year 

If successful in your election, you will need to complete a handover with the old Student Group Committee and MDXSU in April/May 2021. Once the handover is complete, you’ll be ready to start in your role. These are a part time, voluntary roles which you can undertake alongside your studies. 

The role profiles for common Student Group Leader roles can be found below.  

President / Leading Officer

  • To organise and oversee the overall running of the society   
  • To be the main point of contact between MDXSU and the society   
  • Inspire and motivate the rest of the committee as well as the society members   
  • To ensure those in other committee positions are fulfilling their roles   
  • To read and respond to emails/communication from MDXSU and decide who needs to action the emails OR to assign a committee member the role of doing this.  
  • Consult with the rest of the committee in order to define the goals of the society for the upcoming year  
  • To ensure that committee members and society as a whole are inclusive to all students  
  • To ensure that all committee members and society members abide by MDXSU’s Good Code of Conduct and Rules and Regulations  

Finance Officer

  • Responsible for the finances of the society  
  • To remain informed of the society’s financial situation, including keeping note of the society’s account number  
  • Keep up to date with the balance of the society by regularly requesting account statements from the Student Groups Coordinator  
  • Submit funding applications to the MDXSU Student Groups Executive Committee as and when applicable   
  • To be the society’s chief financial representative on MDXSU paperwork  
  • To ensure that all financial dealings of the Society are conducted through MDXSU  

Vice President

  • To help the President organise and oversee the overall running of the society   
  • To assist the President in their functions wherever the President is unable to fulfil aspects of their role.   
  • To assist all committee members wherever they need help in their roles, including where they are unable to.  

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

  • To function as a direct representation of members and their welfare in all committee decisions   
  • To be a warm and welcoming public face to all members and potential members   
  • To work towards the development and maintenance of inclusivity policies (e.g., to develop a new member mentor scheme)  
  • To ensure implementation of zero-tolerance policies  
  • To ensure that committee members are inclusive to all students  
  • To ensure that the society offers inclusive and accessible activities  

Events Officer

  • To send in a plan of events for each term, to the Student Groups Coordinator at MDXSU  
  • To ensure that all Society events are communicated to MDXSU 4-6 weeks in advance of the event date  
  • To be in attendance of all Society events  
  • To be the main point of contact between the Society and any organisations who are involved in the event  
  • To ensure that all Society events comply with MDXSU’s policies, including our Equal Opportunities policy.  
  • To ensure that all events are organised and executed in a financially sustainable and responsible manner (e.g., working with the Finance Officer to pay invoices etc).   
  • To work with the Finance Officer to produce a budget for an event, where necessary   

Secretary / Adminitrator

  • To maintain and preserve detailed records of Society registered members through the MDXSU website   
  • To work with the PR Officer/Marketing Officer/Communications Officer in maintaining the membership list on the MDXSU website.  
  • To produce agendas and minutes for meetings, if needed  

Fundraising Officer

  • To manage existing fundraising opportunities   
  • To develop new fundraising opportunities   
  • Collaborate with other societies who wish to take part in fundraising activities  

PR Officer / Marketing Officer / Communications Officer

  • To promote the society  
  • To work with the other committee members to create a marketing/promotions plan   
  • To manage the Society’s social media accounts  
  • To post regularly on the Society’s social media accounts  
  • To maintain the Society page on the MDXSU website   

Society Designer

  • To take charge of the creation and design of Society promotional materials (e.g., to design event posters, logos etc) 
  • To work alongside the rest of the committee to determine and fulfil the Society’s graphic/web design commitments.  
  • To assist in the generation of materials for the Society page on the MDXSU website along with the PR/Publicity/Website Officer and/or Social Media Guru/Communications Officer.  

Voting opens on Monday 15th  until Thursday 18th February. During this period, students will be able to vote for which candidates they want to be elected.

If you would like more information, please contact our team at