Student Group Finance and Funding


Use the Finance Helper that poped up when you opend this page, or is linked here to find out exactly what steps you need to take to either access funding, get rembursed or even crowdfund! All the infomation you should need is in the Helper.


Below are some FAQs if the Fianance Helper fails to answer your questions. You can also contact the Student Groups Coordinator directly with any questions on -


Student Group Finance FAQs:

What’s my society account number?

  • If you don’t know it already, email the Student Groups Coordinator and they’ll let you know. It’s good practice to always refer to it when enquiring about your society’s finances, as it makes finding out information a lot quicker.

How much is in my account?

  • Email our Finance Manager ( referencing your account number and she will give you a society balance.

Why haven’t I been paid?

  • There are two payment runs every month, which means if you miss one you may have to wait a further two weeks to be paid. It you contact the Societies Coordinator or the Finance Manager, they will be able to tell you when you’ll receive the money.

Can I withdraw cash from my society account?

  • No. Funding can only be accessed by reclaiming expenses or paying companies directly via invoice.

What if I need to pay cash in?

  • We always recommend using the MDXSU website for ticket sales/membership fees, however if you have cash that needs to be paid into the society account, take the money to the MDXSU welcome desk along with your account number, and a member of staff will assist you.

I have an international bank account, can I still be reimbursed?

  • If you’re a student with bank account outside of the UK we will reimburse you by issuing you with a cheque. You’ll just need to fill in a copy of the ‘expense form – international version’, hand it your receipts and we’ll do the rest. You can then have the cheque posted or come collect it from MDXSU.

I've been supplied with an invoice, what do I do with it?

  • If you've been supplied with an invoice from a company or person (e.g. a guest speaker, a DJ etc), you'll need to first ensure it has all the correct details on. We've compiled a checklist of what the invoice should have on it, which can be viewed here. If the invoice is OK, you'll need to complete an outgoing costs form and hand this in, along with the invoice, to MDXSU.