Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in being a Student Voice Leader but have a few questions? We've tried to answer the most common ones below! If there's anything else we can help with, please email us at

What skills or experience do I need?

There are no specific skills or experience you need to be a Student Voice Leader! All we ask is that you care about your course, and you want to help your fellow students make a difference! You will receive all the training and support you need from MDXSU.

Will I have enough time to fulfill my role?

Being a Student Voice Leader is a flexible role which fits around your life and studies. You can commit as much time as you choose to gathering feedback from your colleagues, all we ask is that you:
  • Talk to others on your course and gather their opinions - it's entirely up to you how you do this.
  • Attend your pre-meet and Programme Voice Groups
  • Complete a training session either by attending one of the sessions, or taking part in one of the webinar sessions. All this information will be communicated to you after the election!

What skills will I gain as a Student Voice Leader?

Being a Student Voice Leader is an amazing way of building your skillset and equipping yourself with some impressive examples to bring out at interview. For example:
  • Written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking and negotiation
  • Campaign planning and project management
  • Assertiveness and confidence
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Leadership skills
  • Listening
  • Proven ability to work as both a leader and part of a team

What is a manifesto, and what should I write?

When you nominate yourself online, you will need to write a short manifesto. Your manifesto essentially tells people who you are and why they should vote for you, and can by viewed by students on your course who are eligible to vote.
It doesn't need to be very long, you just need to tell your fellow students who you are, and why you would be a good Student Voice Leader. 
Your manifesto is your opportunity to let your personality shine through - be yourself!

What is the role of a Student Voice Leader?

There is a powerful community of hundreds of Student Voice Leaders at Middlesex University. They each act as the main voice of their year of their course, representing their fellow students and fighting for changes that students want to see.
As the Student Voice Leader for your year of your course, you will be a key link between your classmates, the University and the Students' Union, and will get to attend key meetings with University students to discuss what changes should be made to improve your course.

How should I go about getting feedback from my coursemates?

It's entirely up to you how you gather feedback from your classmates on your course. Here are some suggestions:
  • Create and send out surveys.
  • Speak to your lecturer and ask if you can do a lecture shoutout once elected, or if they would allow you five or ten minutes at the start/end of a class to hear from your classmates and get their feedback.
  • Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group for you and your coursemates.
  • Email your classmates, or give them your email so they can contact your with any feedback and ideas.
  • Meet up with your classmates individually or in groups to have a tea or coffee and catch up about how they're finding your course.
  • Place a comment box in a communal space.

What kind of things should I gather feedback on?

You're the expert - what do you think is going well, and what could be going better? Is there anything which you find frustrating, or think could be done in another way? If you're looking for pointers to start conversation, or areas to gather feedback on, think about the below:
  • How quickly do your tutors give you feedback?
  • Do you find your feedback useful?
  • Have you had any problems with your timetable?
  • do you have access to resources (books, computers, rooms) that you need?
  • Are the University's support services useful?
  • What is your experience of myUniHub?
  • Have you encountered any things you didn't anticipate?
  • Are there any changes you think should be made to enable you to enjoy or get more out of your course?

What do Student Voice Leaders say about their role?

"It was very rewarding as I was able to get to know my cohort on an official and unofficial level, organising events outside of university and also creating opportunities for fellow students to attend. My biggest win was communicating with lectures in feedback meetings and also being invited to other official meetings. This really boosted my confidence and communications skills and also taught me a lot about how the university works in relation to my course."
- Shevon Corbett, MA Social Work

"It was very interesting to get involved in the Board of Studies meetings to give direct feedback and collaborate with our lecturers. This fruitful relationship with both the students and the academics enhanced my soft skills significantly.  Being a Student Voice Leader made my time at Middlesex very special since I was able to contribute to the Middlesex community. My personal highlight was being a runner up for the Student Voice Leader of the Year award, which makes me proud and grateful for our achievements."

- Katharina Schiller, MSc Media Management


"The most rewarding parts of being a Student Voice Leader were the feeling of achievement after having helped so many students, and having close contact with Law school lecturers and the Dean, who recognised my efforts and helped me with my role each step of the way. I am happy to say that I received impressive amounts of feedback from fellow Law students and by collaborating with the right people, we helped make a difference."
- Maria Demetriou


"Student Voice Leaders are in a unique position where they connect students with programme leaders and administration. If you're passionate about making a difference, consider running as a Voice Leader. There are few ways to achieve any real sense of power in MDX, and although it's hardly the PM's office, a Student Voice Leader is arguably more powerful than the average student, and might be a good step for anyone with grander political aspirations."
- Adam Schellenberg, MSc Media Management

Is it too late to nominate myself for a position in these elections?

Nominations for Student Voice Leaders for the 2019/20 year closed on 15th October. If no one has put themselves forward for your course your programme team will run an in-class election.

What are Programme Voice Groups?

Programme Voice Groups are termly meetings (two per year) and are attended by Student Voice Leaders, programme leaders, tutors and support staff. They are a really valuable space for you to bring up issues you and your classmates are facing on your modules, your year group or your entire course!

You'll be meeting with people who have the power to make the changes you want to see, and who are interested to hear things from your point of view, so it's important to be prepared.