When you join Middlesex you don't just join the university - you also become a member of Middlesex University Students' Union!


MDXSU is led by four Student Officers - a President and three Vice Presidents - who are elected annually by Middlesex students to lead the Students' Union.


Your Students' Union is essentially here to support you throughout your studies and help you make the most of your time at university. We represent student views in university decisions and campaign on issues that students care about, as well as providing lots of opportunities for you to meet new people, develop your skills, campaign for change and try something new.


For more information check out the FAQs below or drop us an email at mdxsu@mdx.ac.uk. You can also keep up to date with news, events and opportunities by finding us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDXSU?
How do I become a member of MDXSU?
Who leads the Students' Union?
Is MDXSU part of Middlesex University?
MDXSU is not-for-profit?
How do I sign in on www.mdxsu.com?
Where can I find the Students' Union?


What is Middlesex Students' Union?

Basically, we are you! We are a union of all students at Middlesex. We are independent to the university, and are a registered non-profit organisation. We are the voice of Middlesex students, representing you in university decisions and campaigning for changes you want to see on campus and beyond. We organise events - from employability-boosting workshops to our fun-filled Freshers' events - as well as overseeing societies and your student media. We also provide advice and support; if you're having a problem with your course or tutor, or if you're not happy with your experience at university, the MDXSU Advice service is there to help.

How do I become a member of MDXSU?

If you're a registered student at Middlesex University in London, you're automatically member of MDXSU.

Who leads the Union?

We are led for students, by students! Leading the Students' Union are four full-time, elected Student Officers - one President, and three Vice-Presidents who represent specific Schools.

Our Student Officers are all students at Middlesex - with each Vice President having studied within the School they now represent - and they were elected into their current full-time, paid roles as part of our annual MDXSU Elections every March.

They work closely with other part-time elected students - School Voice Leaders and Student Voice Leaders - to ensure that MDXSU is effectively representing students.

The officer team is assisted by a team of MDXSU staff in order to oversee and run our multiple opportunities and services.

For contact details for our officers and staff, please click here, or check out the 'Key Contacts' pages within each section of our website.

Our organisational strategy informs us of what kind of organisation we want to be and lays out our vision to be an innovative and inspiring students' union by 2020. Our strategy runs for four years from 2016 to 2020.

Is MDXSU part of Middlesex University?

We are independent from the University. However, we do work very closely with them, and they provide us with a funding grant. It is our job to make sure students are satisfied with their university experience, and to represent student views to the university.

MDXSU is not-for-profit?

Yep! We are a registered charity, and are funded by money raised through our events and merchandise, as well a grant from the University. As a non-profit organisation, every penny we make goes straight back into your university experience! How we spend this money is decided upon by students.

How do I register on www.mdxsu.com?

To join societies and book tickets for events through our website, you'll need to sign in. If you're a student at Middlesex, click the student login button and enter your university email and password - this will be the same as your UniHub login. If you're having problems logging in, please email mdxsu@mdx.ac.uk

Where can I find the Students' Union?

We're based on the Middlesex University Hendon campus downstairs in MDX House along with the Middlesex University Sports Departments and the gym. Click here for a map and our contact details. The Welcome Desk is open from 10am until 4pm every weekday, excluding public holidays.