MDXSU Elections 2021

Friday 04-12-2020 - 19:02

The annual MDXSU Elections are here!  

But what does that mean, and why should you care?  

Each year, Middlesex students elect around 300 Student Leaders to stand up for the issues that are important to them. Not satisfied with your course? Can't access counselling services? Not happy with the facilities on campus or anything that effects your experience at Middlesex University – Student Leaders are here to help you!
That's why nominating yourself to become a Student Leader can be one of the most rewarding jobs. MDXSU offers full-time paid or part-time voluntary roles with varying levels of commitment.  


Salary: £24k+ 
Contract: One year (up to 2 years, if re-elected) 
Start Date: June 2021 
Hours: Full-time (35 hours per week)  
Location: Middlesex University Hendon London 
Eligibility: Any current Middlesex University London student. You can fulfill the role as a graduate or placement year 
Are you empowered to create positive change for 18,000 students studying at Middlesex – to benefit students now and for years to come? Apply to become a full-time Student Officer! 
Feeling unsure if you’re capable to do the job, don’t worry! MDXSU will provide you with personal and professional training so you can be the best Officer you can be. From leadership, public speaking, problem solving, negotiating and so much more. Apply to become one of MDXSU’s next Student Officers to influence change at Middlesex and beyond!  
MDXSU is led by a President and a Vice President for each Faculty, who are voted into their positions by their fellow students. The Officer team make sure that students’ voices are heard in a range of areas and that the University takes students’ ideas and opinions into account. 


The President is the figurehead of the Students' Union, overseeing communication between MDXSU and Middlesex students, and is the first point of contact for campus-wide issues. They also chair MDXSU's Trustee Board and represent students on the University's Board of Governors, the highest decision-making body in the university. 



As Vice President for your Faculty you would meet regularly with Faculty Leads and ensure that students studying within your Faculty are receiving the best experience possible whilst studying at Middlesex, having the opportunity to challenge when things don’t always go to plan.




Work alongside the full-time Student Officers when you apply for a voluntary part-time leadership role. You only need to dedicate a few hours each week or each term to improving MDX, whilst gaining valuable skills. 



Term: 1 or 2 years, 1st July 2021-30th June 2022/23 
Hours: Part-time (Volunteer, approximately 30hrs a year) 
Location: Middlesex University London, Hendon 
Eligibility: Any current Middlesex University London student. You can fulfill the role as a graduate or placement year 

Student Trustees sit on MDXSU’s Trustee Board and help in setting our long-term direction, overseeing our work and making sure we are well run. Student Trustees are elected in the same way as our Student Officers, but the role is a part-time volunteer role, where you'll be expected to attend a range of meetings across the year around your studies.  

This role is perfect for students who want to use their existing knowledge or gain new skills in business and strategy in a real-life environment.   

If elected your appointment as a trustee will be confirmed after you’ve been subject to a Charity Commission clearance check.  




If you’re a member of one of our 84 Student Groups, why not apply to lead your Group for the next academic year? Student Group leaders are responsible for leading our societies, liberation groups and student media platforms on a part-time basis alongside their studies. Most Student Groups are led by at least 3 students who work together as a committee.  
As a Student Group Leader, you’ll gain and develop new transferable skills, meet new people and become a representative of your Student Group.  

If successful in your election, you will need to complete a handover with the old Leaders of your Student Group and MDXSU in April/May 2021. Once the handover is complete, you’ll be ready to start in your role.  



Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply for any of the positions from 7th December to 28th January at 


Apply Now    Recommend a Friend

Once you've nominated yourself, you will be invited to Candidate Development sessions where you'll learn everything you need to know about campaigning for students' votes, Elections rules, public speaking, how to write a manifesto and more.

Voting opens on Monday 15 February 10am - Thursday 18 February, 4pm. 

Results of the Elections will be announced on Friday 19 February

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