Meet your new Student Officers for 2019/20

Thursday 04-07-2019 - 16:52

Middlesex University Students’ Union are proud to announce your new full-time officer team have now commenced their terms as your elected MDXSU leaders.


The new team were elected as part of MDXSU Elections in March 2019, which saw 2,596 students casting a total of 7,264 votes to decide which of the student candidates should lead Middlesex Students’ Union over the next year.


Left to right: Anas Badar, Tahmina Choudhery, Lucy Holland and Khalid Abumaye


As part of MDXSU's Democracy Review earlier this year, students voted in favour to realign the officers’ roles to the university faculty structure, so you might notice that while their roles will remain the same, their titles and some of the academic areas they each represent is a little different! Read on to find out more about what they’ll be working on to ensure you're having the best possible experience next academic year.


Anas Badar, MDXSU President

The President is the figurehead of the Students' Union and oversees communications between MDXSU and Middlesex students, and are the first point of contact for campus-wide issues. They also chair the Trustee Board and student council. 


Almost 2,000 students voted to decide who would become President, with Anas receiving 808 of those votes. See Anas’ manifesto above, including pledges to support commuter and international students, improved facilities for students at Allianz Park and accreditation of student representatives.


Lucy Holland - Vice President Arts and Creative Industries

The Vice President of Arts and Creative Industries represents all students studying art and creative courses at Middlesex and works closely with the Student Voice Leaders for Art, Design, Media and Performing Arts courses. 


Lucy Holland was re-elected to her role for a second year. See her manifesto above on the issues she wants to continue working on in the next academic year, including developing a mental health guide for survivors of sexual harassment and violence, more funding for the kit hub in grove and anonymised course feedback for presentation at Programme Voice Groups.


Tahmina Choudhery - Vice President Professional and Social Sciences

The Vice President of Professional and Social Sciences represent all students within the Business School, School of Law and School of Health & Education at Middlesex and works closely with Student Voice Leaders for these courses. 


With nearly 1,600 votes being cast, Tahmina received 701 of those votes and has worked at MDXSU as a Student Advisor intern this past year, where she dealt with student issues and will continue to do so in her new role! Her manifesto above, includes pledges on variety of food on campus, free shuttle buses from halls, inclusive sports for Muslim women students, refugee scholarships and spreading out deadlines and exams.


Khalid Abumaye - Vice President Science and Technology

The Vice President of Science and Techology represents all students within these faculties at Middlesex at Middlesex and works closely with Student Voice Leaders for these courses. 


Khalid received 708 votes from the total of 1,407 for this role. Khalid’s manifesto includes pledges to increase support for postgraduate students, make exams and assignments flexible around religious holidays, workshops on transferrable skills and flexible timetabling for commuter students.


After working through a handover period with our outgoing officers, the new officer team began work late June. For the next few weeks, we’ll see them attend conferences, trainings and meeting university staff, partners in the local community, and officers at NUS and other Students’ unions, equipping them to execute their big ideas this next year.


Anas, Lucy, Tahmina and Khalid will also spend the year directing the work of MDXSU alongside out Student Council, and working closely with the university to delivery on campaigns for Middlesex students – working to improve you experience and make changes you want to see.


Huge thanks goes to last year’s full-time officers Ayah Benberna, Erica Ramos and Rahma Ali, who have been outstanding representatives of Middlesex students and leaders of the Students’ Union, and we wish them all the best of the future.


Anas Badar, Khalid Abumaye, Lucy Holland, MDXSU, Tahmina Choudhery

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