Disabled Students

Welcome to the Disabled Students page!

There are four MDXSU Liberation group, concentrating on the rights of students who face discrimination and are often underrepresented and disadvantaged during their time at University, either in their education or in wider society.


The MDXSU Disabled Students group defends the rights and represents the interest of disabled students at Middlesex University. Any disabled students, including students with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or students with long-term health conditions are welcome to join.


This group provides students with a safe space to talk about how the University could improve its procedures and policies in order to make the experience of disabled people at Middlesex better. Over the past year the group have had several successes in making the university campus more accessible for everyone, and have also ran disability awareness campaigns to encourage more students to get involved.


You can join the group hereIf you have any questions then please contact DisabledStudents@mdx.ac.uk


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