MDXSU Elections 2020

Friday 31-01-2020 - 11:52


that you could kick-start your career with a paid full-time or a voluntary part-time leadership role at your award-winning Students' Union? Stand up, Speak up and Be Different – influence change at Middlesex and beyond!


MDXSU is led by a President and three Vice Presidents, who are voted into their roles by their fellow students. They act as the key decision-makers from within all levels of the university and ensure that your voice is heard in a range of areas that affect you during your studies. Together, they are your Student Officer team. 



Put yourself forward for a paid, FULL-TIME leadership role


As President you would Chair Union Council and the Trustee Board as well as representing students on the University’s Board of Governors (the highest decision-making body in the university). You can find the job description for this role here.



As Vice President for your Faculty you would meet regularly with Faculty Leads and ensure that students studying within your Faculty are receiving the best experience possible whilst studying at Middlesex, having the opportunity to challenge when things don’t always go to plan. There are three Vice President roles available, one for each University faculty:

Vice President Arts & Creative Industries

Vice President Professional & Social Sciences

Vice President Science & Technology


You can find the job description for these roles here.

Click Here to apply for the role



Work alongside the full-time Student Officers when you apply for a voluntary part-time leadership role. You only need to dedicate a few hours each week or each term to improving MDX, whilst gaining valuable skills. We rise by lifting other, and if we as a community don’t step up to help each other, then who will? 



Put yourself forward for a voluntary, PART-TIME leadership role


This is the highest decision-making body at the Students’ Union and ensures the legal, financial and governance stability of the organisation. The Board is made up of the Student Officers, external trustees who bring their expertise, and four student trustees.
If you like the idea of making high-level decisions for an award winning organisation with 18,000 members, or you want to use existing knowledge or gain new skills in business and strategy in a real-life environment, this role is perfect for you.
If elected your appointment as a trustee will be confirmed after you’ve been subject to a Charity Commission clearance check. This is a part time voluntary role you can undertake alongside your studies.



Union Council is the highest student led body of MDXSU which is responsible for hearing and questioning our Student Officers, providing direction and leading on our campaigns, and deciding the Union’s policy and stance on a range of issues. 

It’s made up of the Student Officers, 18 Department Reps, 7 Communities Reps, Liberation Leaders and elected Student Group Leaders. The Department Rep and Community Reps positions are open in this election.

Department Reps

There are 18 department reps in total, one for each department across the three Faculties - shaping MDXSU’s campaigns, policy and decision making. Work closely with Student Voice Leaders and the Student Officers and ensure students’ views are represented.

Communities Reps

There are 7 Communities Reps in total; one for each community. These are: International, Mature, Commuter, Student Parent & Carer, Erasmus & Exchange, Postgraduate and Healthcare, with focus representing students from each community on Union Council - shaping MDXSU’s campaigns, policy and decision making.

These are a part time, voluntary roles which you can undertake alongside your studies. You will gain and develop new transferable skills, meet new people and become a role model and representative for other students!

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Student Group Leaders are students who are responsible for leading their society, liberation group, or student media platform. Most of our student groups are led by at least three Student Group Leaders who form a committee. As a Student Group Leader you’ll be responsible for:
• Attending training to help you in your role
• Acting as the liaison between your group and MDXSU
• Planning inclusive activity
• Organising finances for the group
• Promoting the group and engaging students
As a Student Group Leader you will gain and develop new transferable skills, meet new people and become a role model and representative for your student group! To apply to be a Student Group Leader you’ll need to:
• Be a member of the student group you wish to lead via the MDXSU website
• Be an enrolled Middlesex University student for the 2020/21 academic year
If successful in your election, you will need to complete a handover with the old Student Group Committee and MDXSU in April/May 2020. Once the handover is complete, you’ll be ready to start in your role. These are a part time, voluntary roles which you can undertake alongside your studies.


Previous student leaders have made an impact on campus, in their local community and nationally. Such as... 


• Resettled vulnerable Syrian refugees and helped fund their studies at MDX  

• Successfully secured a Winter Graduation 

• Provided free sanitary products for all students and staff 

• Tackled issues with student housing in the private rented sector and in Halls of Residence 

• Made campus a more envrionmentally friendly place 

• Raised money towards Mens' Mental HealthTerrence Higgins and many more charities. 

• Freeze tuition fees for returning students 

• Successfully campaigned for a 24hour Grove Building access 


These are only some of the changes that MDXSU student leaders have been instrumental in. What changes would you make to your course, your uni and beyond? Be an Influencer and become an MDXSU student leader and have real power to stand up for students because strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others.  


To find out more about the MDXSU Elections 2020, go to



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