Decolonising the Curriculum

MDXSU are proud to support a diverse population of students at Middlesex University. However, the content of their courses does not always reflect them, and this needs to change.

Women, LGBT+, working class, disabled and BAME students are often vastly under-represented in the curricula and within academic ranks.

Our ‘decolonising the curriculum’ campaign aims to tackle these issues and work with the University to ensure our students are studying a curriculum that celebrates diversity and is inclusive of all.


How can I get involved?

We’re currently asking for feedback from students about their views on diversity, liberation and decolonisation, as well as how diverse your course currently is. You can let us know your thoughts by completing the survey below.

Are there specific books that you think are missing from the University library? If you'd like to see any particular books (e.g. books by LGBT+, BAME, disabled or women authors) in the Shepherd Library, you can complete a 'request a book' form here

If you'd like to know more about this campaign and our plans for the year, please email