MDXSU Elections 2019

Elections FAQs

The MDXSU Elections in March 2019 decide which students will lead Middlesex Students' Union next term. Students can put themselves forward to be one of the full-time officers (the President and Vice Presidents), or a Student Trustee.

Elections for Student Voice Leaders take place at the start of the academic year, while elections for NUS Delegates are held in December.

Please see answers to Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us at or by calling 020 8411 6450.


What are the MDXSU Elections?

As your Students' Union, it's our job to represent Middlesex University students - speaking on your behalf in university decisions, and acting on issues you face or ideas you have. MDXSU's work is led by a team of elected students, who are voted into their roles by their fellow students at MDX.

Through the MDXSU Elections, you can put yourself forward for one of these roles. Whether you nominate yourself as a candidate or not, you will also be able to vote to decide who gets elected.

What are the elected roles within MDXSU?

Click here to view the full-time and part-time positions you can stand for in the March 2019 MDXSU Elections.

There are four full-time, paid positions - the President and three Vice Presidents - who are elected for a one-year term (from late June 2019 until the start of July 2020). These four Student Officers have oversight of all MDXSU's work and campaigns, and, as representatives of thousands of students, have power to change things for the better for students, within the university and externally too.

In terms of part-time opportunities, our Student Trustees sit on MDXSU's Trustee Board - our highest governing body - alongside the elected officers and some expert external trustees. It's their job to scrutinise our work, finances and strategy.

Other part-time roles include Student Voice Leaders, who are elected to represent their year of their course at the start of the academic year, and NUS Delegates - who attend national student conferences - who are elected in December.

Are the roles paid?

The elected MDXSU President and Vice Presidents work full-time for one year (up to two years if re-elected) and are paid an annual salary of £24,000. Our part-time roles are voluntary positions which you can hold alongside your studies.

Who can stand for an elected MDXSU role? What if I am a part-time student / international student / in my first year / in my final year?

Any current, registered Middlesex University (London) student is eligible to stand as a candidate.

You can stand for a full-time role regardless of which year you're in. If you are not in your final year, you will need to take a year out and return to continue your studies afterwards. We would recommend speaking to your programme leader about how this would work. If you are standing for a part-time role, you must be a current student during the term of your role.

If you are a International Student, your visa eligibility would be the responsibility of the Home Office, and the university can offer you advice regarding this process. Should you win your election, MDXSU will work with you to make sure you’ve got all the information and support you need. You can speak to Unihelp for visa and immigration advice if you have any questions in the meantime.

Do I need to have any experience?

No - all elected officers receive full training and are supported by a team of full-time staff. In terms of the elections, you will be allocated a coach or mentor once you nominate yourself, who will be there to answer your questions. MDXSU will also be offering training workshops throughout February 2019 to help you gain skills - such as manifesto writing or campaigning - which could help you get elected. You can view these workshops online here, or email us at to find out more.

What are the benefits of getting elected?

If elected as a President or Vice President, you'll begin a full-time, £24,000 per annum job this summer, leading an organisation with 18,000 members. You'll direct the work of MDXSU and work closely with senior Middlesex University staff, giving you the power to make changes that benefit students on campus, locally and even nationally. How many graduate jobs or placement roles give you that kind of opportunity? You'll gain experience, contacts and transferrable skills to take forward into your future career, and you'll leave an amazing legacy behind you too.

Part-time elected roles also offer you the chance to gain practical, CV-boosting leadership experience and contribute to your university and students’ union, all alongside your studies.

View all positions online at

How do I put myself forward for a position?

This isn't an average job where you apply for a position and are then invited for an interview. You must nominate yourself for a role, and then students will vote on the candidates they want to represent them. Nominations for the MDXSU Elections 2019 open on Tuesday 22 January and close at midday on Friday 22 February. You can nominate yourself online by visiting and logging in using your student profile.

Within the nomination submission form you will need to:
-  Include your full name as you want it to appear when students vote
-  Upload a clear, portrait photo of yourself which will be shown to students when voting
-  A text manifesto which outlines who you are and why you are standing for election - more information on manifestos below!

Once you have submitted your nomination, you will need to wait for it to be approved by the MDXSU staff team.

I'm having difficulty nominating myself

If you are having trouble nominating yourself, please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve this for you. You can either email, or call us on 020 8411 6450 (weekdays 10am - 4pm)

How do I vote?

All enrolled Middlesex University students are eligible to vote. Voting opens at 10am Friday 1 March and closes at 2pm on Thursday 7 March. You can vote on campus at one of our voting stations, or log in and vote online at


FAQs for Candidates

We're excited to hear you're thinking of standing for one of our elected roles! There are some more specific Frequently Asked Questions below, but you can also get in touch with us directing by emailing, or calling 020 8411 6450. Please also note that once you have nominated yourself, you will be assigned a mentor who will also be able to provide guidance and support.


Will it cost me any money to run for a position?

Candidates are allowed to spend a maximum of £40 on their campaign and any campaign materials, of which MDXSU will reimburse £20. You will need to keep your receipts and submit these before the deadline (you must submit your receipts so we can confirm that you have not spend over the allocated budget). MDXSU will also supply all candidates with some materials they can use.

What's a manifesto?

Every candidate will need to submit a manifesto. Your manifesto tells people who you are, why you're standing for the position and what you would want to do if you win the election, and it can be viewed by all students eligible to vote for you. MDXSU will be hosting a number of training sessions on how to write a manifesto - you can view these workshops online here, or email us at to find out more.

If you're standing for a full-time position in the MDXSU Elections you can also submit an image manifesto. This will be shown on our website, and also in the MDXSU Elections 2019 Manifesto Guide, which will be available online and on campus during voting - you can see last year's manifesto guide here! This image manifesto cannot be submitted via the nomination form on this website. You will need to email this to the Student Voice team at by the deadline of midday on Monday 25 February.

What happens during voting week, and how does campaigning work?

During voting week (10am Friday 1st - 2pm Thursday 7th March), you will need to let as many students as possible know who you are and why they should vote for you – this is usually a mix of online outreach and speaking to people on campus and at key student hubs. This is the part of the election where you get to be creative! You can use videos, posters and props to tell students why you would be the best candidate for the position. For more guidance on campaigning, come along to one of our workshops in February.

Who can vote for me?

All registered Middlesex University London students are eligible to vote for the full-time President and Vice President roles, and for Student Trustees, as well as NUS Delegates in the December elections. For Student Voice Leader elections, only students from that year of that course will be eligible to vote for their SVL.