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Want to know a bit more about how the elections work, and how you can vote? Read our FAQs below, or get in touch at studentvoice@mdx.ac.uk or on 020 8411 6450.


Voting is open between 10am Monday 13th March and 1pm Friday 17th March.


What are the MDXSU Elections?

As the voice of students on campus, MDXSU is proud to be a democratic, student-led, not-for-profit organisation. To make sure that Middlesex students are represented by those who best represent and understand them, MDXSU is led by Student Officers who are elected by students! There are lots of representative positions available, from our full-time, paid roles, to part-time and one-off opportunities.

You can view your current elected representatives here.

What positions are available?

Click here to view the full-time and part-time positions you can stand for in the MDXSU Elections 2017.

At the start of each academic year (in October or January depending on your start date), we also elect Student Voice Leaders for each year of each course, and Halls Leaders for each halls of residence. For more information on these elected roles, please click the links.

Who can stand for an elected MDXSU role?

Any current, registered Middlesex University (London) student can stand. If you're standing for a Vice President or a School Voice Leader you must be a student in the relevant school.

You can stand for a full-time role regardless of which year you're in. If you are not a final year student, you will simply take a year out and return to continue your studies afterwards. We would recommend speaking to your programme leader about how this would work. If you are standing for one of next year's part-time roles, such a School Voice Leader, you must be a current student in 2017/18.

You can check out all elected positions at www.mdxsu.com/elections/positions

Why should I stand for a role?

So, you decide to stand for a full-time President or Vice President position with your Students' Union.

If elected, you'll begin a full-time, paid, incredibly unique job in July, coming in at the top of an organisation with 18,000 members. You'll direct the work of MDXSU and work closely with the highest levels of Middlesex University governance, giving you the power to make changes that benefit students at MDX, in our local community and even more widely. How many graduate or student jobs give you that kind of opportunity? You'll come to the end of your term withn a huge amount of transferrable experience and skills to take forward, and you'll leave an amazing legacy behind you too.

If you're not looking for a full-time role at the moment, the part-time elected roles offer you the chance to gain practical, CV-boosting experience and contribute to our representative, financial and democratic structures, all alongside your studies. View all positions online at www.mdxsu.com/elections/positions

I don't know what position to stand for!

The best thing to do is check out all the role profiles on our website at mdxsu.com/elections/positions, but we've included a bit more guidance below...

Are you... looking for a full-time, paid job at the top of our organisation, either as a year out from your studies or a graduate job? Want to work with senior staff to make difference at MDX and leave an amazing legacy? Why not be the MDXSU President, or the Vice President for your school! If elected, you will work full-time July 2017 - July 2018 and be paid £21,840 (plus London Living Allowance).

Do you... Want a similar representation role, but while continuing your studies? Become the School Voice Leader for your School! You'll work part-time, making changes that students in your School want to see.

Do you... Want to gain experience in strategy and finances alongside your studies? Go for one of the part-time Student Trustee positions and sit on the MDXSU Trustee Board (our highest governing body).

Do you... Want a part-time position making sure MDXSU is open and accessible to all students, and overseeing our democratic processes and elections? Join the Democracy & Involvement Committee (DAIC).

What's the process if I want to stand for a position?

Nominations for the MDXSU Elections 2017 will open on Monday 13th February and close on Friday 3rd March.

You can nominate yourself online for any role at www.mdxsu.com/nominate, or by logging into www.mdxsu.com and clicking on 'My Account'. We will then review your nominations and email you to let you know when it has been confirmed. You will also need to upload a photo and submit a manifesto for students to read - more info in the candidates' FAQs below!

Will I be paid?

The MDXSU President and Vice Presidents work full-time for one year (up to two if re-elected) and are paid a salary for their time in office. Our part-time roles are voluntary, unpaid positions which you can hold alongside your studies.

How many hours will I work if elected?

Full-time hours (for the President and Vice Presidents) constitute 35 hours per week. The committment for the part-time roles varies per position - you can find out more here.

Can International Students stand for a full-time role?

Any registered Middlesex student can stand in the elections. Many international students have been Students' Union officers at Middlesex and at other SUs all across the country. Being a full-time officer (President or Vice President) as an International Student would require you to either take a break from your studies, or to stay in the UK after your studies have finished. Your visa eligibility for this would be the responsibility of the Home Office, and the university can offer you advice regarding this process. Should you win your election, MDXSU will work with you to make sure you’ve got all the information and support you need. You can speak to Unihelp for visa and immigration advice if you have any questions in the meantime.

Do I need to have been involved in my Students' Union to stand?

Any Middlesex student can stand for an election regardless of how involved you've been with your Students' Union. If you nominate yourself you'll receive all the training and support you need during campaigning, and if elected! Each candidates will receive a mentor, and MDXSU will be offering training workshops throughout February 2017 to prepare you for the elections.


So excited that you're nominating yourself for a role! Here are a few more FAQs just for you. More resources for candidates - including tips on writing a manifesto and public speaking - can be found at www.mdxsu.com/elections/resources

How do I nominate myself online?

To nominate yourself, you will need to submit an online nomination at www.mdxsu.com/nominate for your chosen position by midday Friday 3rd March.

Within the nominations form you will need to:

  • Include your name as you want it to appear when students vote (don't spell it wrong!)
  • Upload a picture of yourself which will be shown to students when you vote. We'd recommend a clear portrait shot of your head and shoulder - no group shots or photos from a distance.
  • A text manifesto which outlines who you are and why you are standing for election - more information on manifestos below!

Once you have submitted your nomination it will be approved by the MDXSU Student Voice team - please do not announce your candidacy until you have received approval. Once your nomination has been approved you will not be able to edit your nomination form - we'd recommend working on your text manifesto separately, then copying this into the form itself once you've finished.

Full-time candidates are also encouraged to submit an image manifesto by midday Wednesday 8th March - more information below.

What's a manifesto?

Everyone who stands in the elections will need to submit a manifesto as part of the nomination form. Your manifesto basically tells people who you are and why you're standing for the position. Your manifesto can be viewed by all students eligible to vote for you, and will tell people what you want to achieve if elected and why you're qualified for the role.

If you're standing for a full-time position in the MDXSU Elections you will also need to submit an image manifesto. This will be shown on the candidate's page on our website, and also in the MDXSU Elections 2017 Manifesto Guide, which will be available online and on campus throughout voting week - you can see last year's manifesto guide here!

This image manifesto cannot be submitted via the nomination form on this website. You will need to email this to the Student Voice team at studentvoice@mdx.ac.uk by the deadline of 12pm midday on Wednesday 8th March.

When will other students be able to see my nomination?

Nominations will not be made live until after the final nominations deadline of midday Friday 3rd March. It's up to you when you want to announce what you're running for online - we will not announce the candidates until Friday 3rd March once all nominations have been received.

When can I start campaigning?

You are welcome to announce your candidacy online however you must not do any campaigning on campus (including halls of residence) or campaign for votes before voting opens at 10am on Monday 13th March.

What does campaigning involve?

In-person campaigning starts when voting opens at 10am on Monday 13th March, and is basically you get your name out there, speaking to students, and making sure they know who you are and why they should vote for you. Lots of students choose a slogan to feature on the manifesto and throughout their campaign - on flyers, on Facebook, on t-shirts, on banners and however else you choose to get your message out there. Be as creative as you like!

Will it cost me any money to run for a position?

Candidates are allowed to spend a maximum of £40 on their campaign, of which MDXSU will reimburse £20 (please keep your receipts!).

Who can vote for me?

It depends what position you are running for. If you are standing to be President, a Vice President, a Student Trustee or a member of the Democracy and Involvement Committee, any registered Middlesex University London student will be able to vote for you. If you are standing to be a School Voice Leader, only students within your school will be able to vote for you. More information on voting below!


Voting opens at 10am Monday 13th March and closes at 1pm on Friday 17th March.

You can vote on campus at one of our voting stations, or online at www.mdxsu.com/vote

Who can vote?

Any current registered student can vote in the elections.

All students will be able to vote for their President, Vice President, Student Trustees and Democracy and Involvement Committee, however you will only be able to vote for the School Voice Leader for your relevant school or course (eg. if you are a studying a course in the Science & Technology School, you will only be able to view and vote in the Science & Technology School Voice Leader election).

Who are the candidates?

You can find out which students are standing for which positions online. Just head to www.mdxsu.com/elections/candidates. Look out for them on campus too so you can have a chat in person, or come along to our Candidates' Q&A evening on Monday 13th March!

How do I vote on campus?

Throughout voting week (Monday 13th - Friday 17th March) MDXSU will be setting up voting stations across campus in the Quad, Grove Atrium and MDX House. Just turn up, flick through a candidate guide, and vote there and then on one of our ipads. Staff will be on hand to help if you have any questions.

How do I vote online?

To vote online using your personal device (mobile, tablet, laptop), visit www.mdxsu.com/vote. In order to vote, you will need to sign in on the MDXSU website so we can confirm your identity and eligibility. You will need to log in using your MDX student login - the same you use to sign into myUniHub.

I'm having problems voting!

If you have problems logging in to vote, or you are not able to vote in the elections which you should be, you will need to let us know as soon as possible by emailing studentvoice@mdx.ac.uk with your full name, course and student number, or by calling 020 8411 6450. Please note: if you do not inform us of voting problems prior to Thursday 16th March, we may not be able to resolve the issue before voting ends, so it's really important to vote as early in the week as possible.


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