Black Students' Experiences Report

The experience of Black students in Higher Education has been consistently overlooked. There have been increased awareness calls to make structural change in institutions from across the country. This issue was brought to the fore again with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the prevalent incident in June 2020. Work continues to ensure that institutions go beyond reading list and seek solutions that are innovative and imaginative and that which holistically support Black students at MDX.
MDXSU has received funding from the University to support its research into the Black Students’ Experience at Middlesex. The role of our part- time research interns, taken up by Black students studying at Middlesex, are supported by the Advocacy and Policy Team at MDXSU. The aim of the project is to understand the different facets that form the Black Student Experience at MDX. 
The research concluded in May 2021 after seven months of engaging with the Black community through surveys and focus groups. It has resulted in a report with findings on the existing BSE and recommendations to improve the BSE at MDX and MDXSU. In brief, the BSE report strongly advocates for more imaginative solutions outside of the Higher Education Sector to improve the BSE. MDX has the opportunity to become leaders in the sector via the adoption of radical approaches that continually improve based on ongoing data and feedback

View the Black Students' Experiences Report below or click here to download