When taking part in any of our elections it is important to know the rules and regulations which help us ensure that the elections are run in a free and fair way. It's important that every student has an equal chance to run, campaign and get students to vote for them. Our election rules will differ from election-to-election so it is important to read them every time you run. 

If you're standing for a position in the MDXSU Elections, or if you're campaigning for a particular candidate, you must abide by the election rules. 

If you are applying for a Vice President Health, Social Care and Education please see the Spring 2021 Election Rules and Regulations here

Prior to voting opening, all candidates will need to attend an elections briefing which will explain the rules and give you the opportunity to ask questions.


Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate or their campaign team or about the election processes until 1 hour after the close of voting (5pm, Thursday 25th March). Complaints received after this time will not be considered unless they call into question the integrity of the election. To submit a complaint, fill out the complaints form and send it to elections@mdx.ac.uk.

Single Transferrable Vote

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) is the voting system used in all MDXSU elections and is an electoral system that puts the power in your hands. STV is designed to elect the candidate who is popular amongst the majority of voters.. Vote for your preferred candidate and also vote for back-up preferences. Your vote will go to your first preference if possible, but if they are eliminated, instead of your vote being thrown away, your vote is transferred to your back-up preferences, with your vote being assigned to your second, third, or lower choices.

Other Resources

MDXSU is strongly is committed to ensuring all students are treated equally, without discrimination. All elections candidates are expected to abide by our Equal Opportunities Policy which can be found here.

Any Other Questions?

Please read our Elections FAQs, or email us at elections@mdx.ac.uk

Voter Turnout